Why Are 'Poop-Themed' Toys Are So Popular?

Poop. As parents, we just can't escape it. For the first couple of years, we're tasked with changing some horrendously sewer-like diapers, before it eventually turns into teaching kids to wipe their little tooshies themselves. Even then, we're usually told when they need to go number 2 and still have to remind them to flush (or is that just us?). As if dealing with the real thing on a daily basis wasn't enough, toy manufacturers are still riding high on a wave of poop-themed toys.

The trend first started to rear its turd-like head back in 2017, but no matter how hard we try and say goodbye, poop games are still floating around, refusing to go under.

The market is inundated with toys centering around feces and worst of all, kids love it. Birthday and Christmas wish-lists are aglow with the likes of Fishin' For Floaters, Don't Step In It! and Pull My Finger, where a little purple monkey farts on the unlucky player. Frankly, we don't get it, but it's making toy companies millions in revenue. According to The New York Post, some industry experts attribute the widespread success of the niche games to The Emoji Movie release in August of 2017. Following on from the film, poop emoji cushions and other merchandise flooded stores.

Credit: Sony Pictures Animation

There's big business to be had in the world of poop though, with some lesser-known games companies going straight to the toilet for inspiration. Goliath Games, a Texas-based company, has made millions of dollars in revenue thanks to one product, Doggie Doo. Players feed a plastic pup designed to emit suspicious noises from its rear until eventually, it sends projectile poop shooting across the board. It's not a beautiful concept, but youngsters fall hook, line and stinker for the purely fun debauchery.

doggie doo doo
Credit: Walmart

There doesn't seem to be an end in sight to the popularity of these products, as they proved to be just as popular in Christmas 2018 as they were the previous year. It just goes to show that our tastes really are going down the toilet.

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