Pomsies Are The New Toy That Your Kids Will Want To Take Everywhere


There’s a new travel toy that is making waves among kids this season. Called Pomsies, the toys are fast becoming a hot seller, as many children can’t get enough of this latest pom-pom fashion trend.

According to fans, the great thing about Pomsies are that they are loveable, fashionable and interactive. You can wear them and take them just about anywhere, making them this summer’s go-to summer toy. What makes this toy stand out is that you can wear them as much as you play with them. The toy’s summer long, wired tail can easily wrap around your child’s backpack, hair, or wrist. And if you don’t want to use it as a toy, it also makes a great fashion accessory.

What makes Pomsies stand out from the rest of the toys on the store shelves this summer is that they have about 50 different reactions with sounds that kids can make happen. If you take good care of your Pomsies, you’ll also get a special treat in return. The toy will reward you with colorful rainbow eyes, purring and other sweet sounds.

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The toy “sleeps” while idle. To wake your Pomsie up, all you need to do is press their nose. There’s also a special freeze dance mode to play together with your friends. All you need to do is shake your Pomsies to the beat of the music it plays.If that weren’t enough, their eyes light up in different colors to show when they're happy, hungry, or sleepy.

But you need to hurry. Stock is limited and the toys will sell out fast. As a matter of fact, many parents and fans are looking to get their hands on the furry little toys sooner rather than later and definitely before the holiday shopping season begins. Many insiders are already calling Pomsies the Hatchimal toy of 2018.

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In addition, there are six characters in the first series. Pomsies are perfect for children ages 4 and up and retail for $14.99. They are also available at all major retailers across the nation, including Target and Walmart. They do require one AAA battery to work interactively.

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