10 Podcasts That Will Inspire Moms

Podcasts are really popular these days, and it's fun to find new ones to listen to while going grocery shopping, walking around your neighborhood, or when you're taking some time for yourself with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

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When you can take ten minutes to listen to something inspiring or you have some free time to run errands, it's a good idea to download some podcasts. There are so many out there that feature fellow moms sharing stories about their children and parenting subjects. The following 10 podcasts are inspiring and so relatable.

10 Mom Brain

Mom Brain is hosted by Daphne Oz, cookbook author and former co-host of The Chew, and Hilaria Baldwin, a writer and yoga instructor (and also known as Alec Baldwin's wife).

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As the official description of the podcast says, "We get it. Being a mom is full-on and full-time. Equal parts FUN and WTF. Our kids don’t come with instructions, and it’s ok if we don’t have all the answers. We’ll figure it out together." The episodes range from a discussion of probiotics to interviews with celebrity moms like actress Lindsay Price (who went on the show to talk about adoption).

9 The Modern Mamas Podcast

Sometimes you want to hear from other moms and learn about their experiences. This can be so comforting. That's why the Modern Mamas Podcast is another podcast that will inspire moms.

This podcast is hosted by Jess, who blogs at Hold the Space Wellness and is also an Athletic Trainer and Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, and Laura, who blogs at Radical Roots and is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Certified CrossFit Trainer. Episodes range from interviews to the two hosts chatting to certain topics being covered like non-toxic living and introducing food to little ones.

8 The BIRTHFIT Podcast

BIRTHFIT offers many programs whether you are looking to start a family, pregnant, or postpartum. There are seminars that you can attend, and now there's also a podcast.

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Looking for a podcast that talks about pregnancy and postpartum? You've come to the right place with The BIRTHFIT podcast. Hosted by Dr. Lindsey Matthews (the Founder and CEO of BIRTHFIT), Dr. Lindsay Mumma, and Emily Russak, this is an inspiring podcast for moms. This is a great place to find moms talking about what they have experienced, like episode 141 with Jenna Somich: as the description says, "She has a lifetime of athletic endeavors, a love of movement, and a heart for intention; she shares her personal journey into motherhood."

7 Balanced Bites

Co-hosts Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe ended their popular Balanced Bites podcast this past spring after 400 episodes, and this is another inspiring podcast for moms (with so many fascin3ating episodes to choose from).

While it's a health, nutrition, and lifestyle podcast, Liz is a mom and has also created a program called Babymaking and Beyond, so many of the episodes cover pregnancy and parenting. Check out episode 381 called "Sleep Issues As a Mom, and Keto, Fat Loss, and Genetics" and 338, "All About Crawling With Eliza Parker."

6 With Whit

You might know Whitney Port from her time on the two reality shows The Hills and The City. Today, she's a mom to her son, Sonny, and she has a podcast called With Whit.

She gets really honest and talks about her miscarriage, the experience of her dad's death, and interviews with experts. Episode 12 is a stand-out and features an interview with expert Erica Chidi Cohen about breastfeeding, labor, and other parenting subjects.

5 Whole Mamas Podcast

The Whole Mamas Podcast is hosted by Dr. Elana Roumell, a naturopathic doctor, and registered dietitian Stephanie Greunke. The podcast is an interesting mix of serious topics and interviews about lifestyle topics.

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Check out episode 137, an interview with Emily Hughes whose child was in the NICU for 12 months, or episode 127, an interview with Cassy Joy Garcia about her cookbook Cook Once, Eat All Week that helps busy moms meal prep.

4 The Genuine Joy Podcast

The food blogger behind Little Bits Of Real Food, Kelsey Preciado, and her husband Matt have a podcast called The Genuine Joy Podcast. They are new parents to their baby daughter Ruthie so this is an inspiring podcast for moms to check out, especially new moms.

You don't want to miss the third episode, "New Baby Bliss?" which gets into the realness behind month number one with a baby. There's also an interview with expert Kacie Barnes, the blogger and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist behind Mama Knows Nutrition.

3 The Joyous Health Podcast

Nutritionist Joy McCarthy and her husband Walker Jordan started The Joyous Health Podcast to talk about healthy living, but since they're parents to their little one Vienna, they talk a lot about that, too.

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You won't want to miss episode 5, "My Natural Pregnancy And Birth Story," where Joy talks about what it was like when their daughter was born. They also interview Dr. Rachel Schwartzman for an episode called "Raising Healthy Eaters." There's a lot of helpful information here that moms will love.

2 Girls Gone WOD

Girls Gone WOD is in the "Health and Fitness" category on Itunes. Hosts Claire Koch and Joy Parrish met at their CrossFit gym in Colorado and formed both a friendship and begun a podcast together. They talk about CrossFit and working out, and Claire is a mom to two little ones so many of the episodes feature real and honest and wonderful discussions about parenting.

Claire has shared her experiences with pregnancy, miscarriage, body acceptance, and the day-to-day life of a mom juggling family and work and life. You definitely don't want to miss out on this amazing podcast, which is at 328 episodes and is new every Thursday. It's another podcast that will inspire moms (and everyone else who listens).

1 How To Talk To Kids About Anything

This podcast is very informative and will inspire moms since you can really find any topic here that you want to learn more about.

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Hosted by Dr. Robyn Silverman, episodes have titles like "How To Raise Teen Girls and Grow A Relationship with Your Teen Daughters" and "How to Talk to Kids About Dignity." Whether you want to pick certain episodes that relate to what you're going through, or you want to listen to them all, you're sure to find lots of interesting gems and pieces of wisdom.

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