Dad Creates Board Game Bedsheets To Occupy Kids In Hospital

Most of us are well aware of how unpleasant hospital stays can be. Time spent in bed, with little to do can get frustrating and boring fairly quickly. Now, imagine how hard it is for children who have to spend an extended amount of time in hospitals and in bed. But, one clever dad from Charlotte, North Carolina has come up with a fantastic solution by adding some fun and excitement to hospital beds!

Kevin Gatlin, the brains behind Playtime Edventures, first thought of the idea after visiting his friend's child in the hospital. Gatlin told NewsWest9, “What if this was my son? How would we preoccupy the time?” He began brainstorming ideas with his wife on the drive home from that particular hospital visit.

"My wife used to utilize the bed with our son, they would play board games they would do homework assignments it was the biggest piece of furniture in the room."

Voila! Interactive board game bedsheets for kids was born!

We need more people like this!!!

Posted by Power of Positivity on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

While Gatlin wanted the sheets to be entertaining, he also wanted to make sure that they were educational; something that was also important to his school-teacher mother. After collaborating with several educators, the three piece sets feature bedsheets and slumber bags with a variety of topics. From geography, math, science, grammar, to word find games, and oversize game boards, kids will keep their hands, and minds, busy for hours.

To Gatlin's knowledge, as of 2019, there are ten hospitals that carry his bedsheets. However, there are likely more, since they are available to purchase online. Often, people purchase the bed sets and donate them to hospitals. Gatlin would love to see his bedsheets on every hospital bed. If you would like to donate a set, you can do so on their website.

"It's an unfortunate situation that a child is in," Gatlin said. "It's great for the child life coordinator and the nurses and doctors -- it gives them a tool that they can use before they just poke the kid."

Anything that brings some light and joy to sick kids is an amazing feat. And, for Gatlin, despite the businesses ups and downs, he wouldn’t have it any other way, "You're a business and you have to make money," Gatlin said. "There's a lot of ups and downs -- but when you notice a child utilizing your product for what it's meant for, that's priceless.

We can all agree that these bedsheets are amazing for hospitals, but they would also be great for unplugging and encouraging kids to have some quiet fun at home. They would be ideal for sleepovers, camping, and family get togethers. Putting your kids to bed has never been so much fun.

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