10 Places To Take Kids For Breakfast

Prior to having children, many parents remember whipping up breakfast at home or going out for brunch with a smile. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and more were eaten without little ones asking for something else (when they were just begging for waffles two minutes ago).

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Parents don't want to miss out on the opportunity to go out for breakfast now that they are raising a family... but it can be tricky to find a good place that has items that toddlers and children are thrilled to eat. The following 10 places are perfect to bring kids for breakfast, and parents can find something for them, too (along with some hot coffee).

10 Snooze

Is there a better name for a breakfast place than Snooze? Besides having a fun and creative name, this restaurant is great for children. Some parents have posted on Yelp that you can ask for a kids' menu and that you can also get kid-friendly amounts of each menu item.

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The section of the menu called "Sweet Utopia" will be perfect for little ones since there are amazing meals like Coco-Nana Cakes, sweet potato pancakes, and blueberry Danish pancakes. Moms could also order off the "a la carte" menu and get kids things like eggs, bacon, and a pancake. There are Snooze restaurants in Arizona, California, Texas, and Colorado.

9 Bubby's

If you live in New York City, you're in luck because Bubby's is another great breakfast place for kids. They have amazing and delicious-sounding pancakes that would definitely be what children want to eat, from chocolate chips and whipped cream to Nutella, fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

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It's safe to say that most kids are going to be really excited about eating a pancake with Nutella on it. And since the rest of the menu is so great for grown-ups (there are awesome omelets, homemade granola, and avocado toast), it's perfect for the whole family.

8 Black Bear Diner

If there are pancakes on the menu, then there's a good chance that parents can take their little ones to that restaurant and their kids will have something good to eat. What's great about Black Bear Diner is there are amazing pancakes but also some egg dishes that will delight kids.

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With locations in Portland, California, Arizona, Texas, and more, Black Bear Diner is another good place to take kids for breakfast. The menu has a "Cubs" menu and kids can get the Cubs' Scrambler, Cubs' Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and Cubs' Strawberry French Toast.

7 Golden Corral Breakfast & Grill

Is there anything more enjoyable than a breakfast buffet, especially for foodies who can't choose just one thing to eat for this morning meal? Luckily for foodie moms and dads, they can bring their kids to Golden Corral Breakfast & Grill and get a whole bunch of delicious breakfast foods. From protein such as eggs and steak to carbs like waffles and pancakes, children will be able to choose the options that sound the best to them.

There are locations in many parts of the U.S. and eating here is going to be nicely priced as well.

6 Cracker Barrel

Looking at a restaurant menu before going there is often just as much fun as actually eating there. When parents are searching for a place to take their kids for breakfast, they're going to have to look up a ton of menus online.

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The chain Cracker Barrel has a great kids' breakfast menu. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, biscuits, and eggs are all there (along with yogurt and fruit). The menu is perfect for children since you can get "one buttermilk pancake" or "two buttermilk pancakes" and there are "half orders" of breakfast meats.

5 Shoney's

Families can also go to Shoney's because the breakfast menu has a lot of foods that kids will be into. You can pick what you want to go into an omelet, which would be good for children who love eating eggs and have very strong opinions about what else should be on their plate.

The "All-Star Breakfast" would be good for kids, too, since it has one buttermilk biscuit, potatoes, bacon, and two eggs. There are also pancakes!

4 The Original Pancake House

Parents and kiddos love pancakes (and wouldn't mind eating them regularly) so a trip to The Original Pancake House is going to be a smart idea for the whole fam.

Of course, the pancake section of the menu is huge and there is so much to choose from: banana or blueberry pancakes, Georgia pecan, bacon pancakes, buttermilk or buckwheat. Kids can also order the "Junior Plate" which has an egg or sausage and buttermilk pancakes. There are also crepes, waffles, egg dishes, and cereal.

3 Marie Callender's

The whole family can also go to Marie Callender's and get an awesome breakfast. There is French Toast along with buttermilk pancakes and also a very fun menu item: "Barnyard Breakfast" which has hash browns, toast, a choice of sausage or bacon, and an egg. That last item is a clever pick for kids who love to eat a few different things.

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Parents can order "Griddle Greats" or "Sunrise Skillets" along with omelets. There is also a large variety of desserts and treats, so it's safe to say that kiddos will be asking to take a few sweets home.

2 Village Inn

Parents who want a spot where they and their kids can eat breakfast will want to go to Village Inn. There are so many locations, too.

Village Inn has a kids' menu with grilled cheese, French toast, and the "Junior Breakfast" (sausage or bacon, toast and jam, and an egg). Most appealing will most likely be the menu item called "The Vill-Inn (Funny Face)" which has an egg, sausage or bacon, and two buttermilk pancakes (either blueberry or chocolate chip).


Parents who are looking for a breakfast restaurant to take their kids to will have to look no further than IHOP. The chain that is infamous for delicious pancakes has a great kids' menu too, and since there are many locations, this is a really great place.

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Children can order a Funny Face® (a chocolate chip pancake, whipped cream, and powdered sugar that looks like, well, a face) or Jr. Chicken and Waffles or French Toast with Nutella®.

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