This Viral Pizza Box Pregnancy Announcement Shows Next Level Creativity

pizza box pregnancy announcement

A special pizza delivery is going viral, not for the contents of what was inside, but rather for a special announcement that was written inside the box. Apparently, an excited mother-to-be wanted to share her pregnancy news with her partner, but rather than tell him in person, she had a pizza delivered to his home. The sweet and rather creative gesture was shared by Twitter user @bbyleesh6, from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The restaurant worker couldn’t help but share two photos of the creative announcement on social media while admitting that the thoughtful gesture did make her shed a few tears.

Apparently, the woman handed one of the restaurant employees handwritten instructions on what do to before delivering the pizza. The first photo shows the note that the pizza place received, requesting a pregnancy announcement be written on the inside of the box. The pregnant woman even requested that the writing be legible and pretty, among a few other things.

The note said: "Hi can you please do this for my boyfriend before you call our order? Can you please write boldly on the inside of the pizza box lid: 'The butterflies in my tummy have turned into 2 tiny feet. I'm pregnant' in legible or pretty handwriting? Thank you so much!! And thanks for being part of the announcement."

The employee at Dion’s Pizza didn’t disappoint, either. Rather than just write the message with a simple ball point pen, the manager used expressive calligraphy that is everything the pregnant mother requested and more: it’s bold, legible, and above all, very pretty. She even drew a butterfly and two tiny feet. If that weren’t’ enough, she even took it upon herself to spell out the number “two” even though it wasn’t one of the requests that was on the original note.

As many social media users can imagine, the pizza box announcement has gone viral with over 23,000 retweets and 74,000 likes. Some Twitter users have even suggested that pizza box messages might be the new social media trend, especially for those who have an important announcement to make for their friends and family. In other words, pizza deliveries are the new YouTube videos of pregnancy announcements.

With that being said though, it’s unclear how the pregnancy announcement went since the name of the person who made the request was withheld and is still anonymous. Hopefully the father-to-be was just as excited about the pregnancy announcement as he was about eating the pizza for his dinner that day.

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