The Pioneer Woman Is Now Designing Instant Pots

Pioneer Woman Instant Pot

If you haven't entered the world of the Instant Pot yet, you don't know what you're missing! This all-in-one electric pressure cooker took the home kitchen by storm a few years ago, and it is showing no signs of up letting up. The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, EVERYTHING cooker, and it's one single machine. Seriously, it has completely changed our home-cooked meal game, and we can't imagine life without it. We can have an amazing meal on the table in under 20 minutes, without having to start the slow cooker when we leave the house in the morning or slave over a hot stove at the end of a really long day.

People love their Instant Pots so much that they decorate them with decals! Just to make this irreplaceable part of their kitchen a little more personal. But now, thanks to the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, you can have an absolutely gorgeous Instant Pot on your counter, and you won't want to put these away all year!

The Pioneer Woman is a force in the food blogging/TV show world. She started as a blogger, sharing snippets of her life as the wife of a rancher, and then got her own TV show on the Food Network where she shares amazing down-home recipes. Her recipes are delicious, and most importantly, easy to make. So it's no surprise that she's teamed up with Instant Pot to put a little pretty in your kitchen! The Pioneer Woman line of Instant Pots are beautiful floral creations in lovely shades of blue.

pioneer woman instant pot
Image: Walmart

They're very kitschy, and reminiscent of your grandma's kitchen. Vintage Floral is a light blue beauty with read and green blossoms and leaves.

pioneer woman instant pot
Image: Walmart

Breezy Blossom has a very light and airy watercolor feel, with bright blues and sweet pastels.

The Pioneer Woman Instant Pots are a Walmart exclusive, and retail for $99 for a 6-quart machine. The price is amazing, considering most Instant Pots start at around $90 and go up from there. We're telling you, you NEED one of these machines, and if you don't have one, starting with a gorgeous Pioneer Woman Instant Pot is a great idea! And even if you do already have an Instant Pot, let's be honest: you probably need another one.

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