The Pioneer Woman's Simple Egg Hack Changes Everything

The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond

There is nothing quite as delicious as fresh egg salad, but it is definitely a dish that is, while relatively easy to make, also tedious. There are lots of great recipes available to give lovers of egg salad a myriad of different options when making the dish, ranging from savory to crunchy to classic, but now there's a hack that makes actually chopping the eggs super easy.

One of the most annoying parts of making egg salad, or any dish that involves chopped egg, is actually chopping the egg itself. Your hands get messy and your cutting board gets messy, and it's generally a pretty frustrating, and messy task. There's a super simple hack for chopping eggs that makes the process so easy you'll be wondering how you didn't think of it yourself, and it's all thanks to The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

Drummond's easy egg chopping hack requires a metal rack, like the one you would have for cooling baked goods, and a large bowl. According to the tutorial posted on her Facebook page, you simply take the rack and place it on top of the bowl. You then take your boiled, shelled egg and place the egg on the rack.

Credit: Facebook / The Pioneer Woman

Instead of worrying about chopping those slippery eggs, you simply use your hand to mash the egg through the wire rack into the bowl below. If you didn't want to use your hands, you could even use a wooden spoon, glass, or anything heavy enough to push the egg through the rack.

Credit: Facebook / The Pioneer Woman

Thanks to your wire rack you now have a bowl full of chopped eggs, ready for you to do with whatever you want, and you didn't have to waste your time trying to chop them yourselves or worry about a cutting board covered in boiled egg. Clean up is easy too because you just have to wash the rack and you're done! This is so simple that many are probably wondering how they didn't think of this super simple solution themselves.

Credit: Facebook / The Pioneer Woman

Let's face it, the worst part about making egg salad is having to chop the eggs because of the mess they make, so anything that makes this part of making egg salad easier is a win for all involved. Sometimes it's hard to find the time to make something for yourself so these hacks that make your time in the kitchen easier and quicker are definite wins.

You can find Drummond's recipe for egg salad here if you want to give her hack and recipe a try.

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