Pink Issues Online Challenge For Everyone To Be Nicer And Stop Criticizing

Pink has proposed a worldwide challenge to stop criticizing others online. Living as celebrities, Pink and her husband are no strangers to being berated via Instagram comments. They have had enough, and now Pink is daring the world to try on kindness.

Pink actually made a decision to stop posting about her children's lives on social media back in April. Why? Because she was totally over all of the nasty and rude comments about her parenting choices from total strangers.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when Pink posted a photo of her children playing with a pelican.

The family was by the pool, and so her children were not fully dressed. Her daughter had no shirt on, and her son had no diaper on--he was naked from the waist down. Sadly, when Pink shared this magical moment with the world, the trolls had a field day. It brought the proud mother to tears.

After swearing off posting photos of her kids, Pink broke her rules and shared a picture of her son at the zoo. Nothing changed--the parenting police attacked again.

Pink is pretty genius at clapping back at trolls, but she is also smart enough to see that the approach is not making any difference. So she tried coming from a different angle.

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Pink captioned a photo of her husband and daughter with a kindness challenge. The singer invited all who read the post to try and go one full day without criticizing anyone. She suggests maybe even trying to go for two days, but starting slow with just one.

Pink had disabled commenting on her Instagram, but her husband, Carey Hart, reposted it and got plenty of feedback on his page. Several naysayers asked him to take down a recent vent post at the gym.

One thing that really stands out about Pink is her dedication to making positive change. Her heart is in the right place!

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