10 Photos Of The Cast Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch With Their Kids

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a classic TV show from the '90s and early 2000s that million of fans loved, and there's a new Sabrina Spellman in town with Sabrina Chilling Adventures. Our Sabrina will always be Melissa Joan Hart who played this iconic character for seven seasons. Hart, along with the other actors and actresses on this show, have now grown up and started families of their own.

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Though some of the actors have stepped back out of the spotlight to raise their families, others kept working in the entertainment world while raising their kids. Keep reading to see the cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch grown up with kids of their own.

10 Picture Perfect

Melissa Joan Hart is known for playing Sabrina Spellman on her hit TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Since then, Hart was welcomed three beautiful boys, Tucker, Mason, and Braydon, into the world with her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson.

In this perfect family picture of the Hart/Wilkerson family, we see Hart with her husband standing in front of the water on a beach. Her oldest son is standing between his parents his arms wrapped around him, with her middle son standing in front of them, and her youngest little man is being held by Hart with a big smile on their faces. These are the types of photos that her kids are going to look back at and love!

9 Movie Date

Caroline Rhea was hilarious when she played Sabrina's Aunt Hilda. We could guess that when she and her ex-partner, comedian Costaki Economopoulos, welcomed a daughter, Ava, into the world, Rhea would keep her sense of humor while parenting.

Seen here attending the movie premiere of Disney’s The Jungle Book, Ava is striking a pose, showing off how excited she is to be seeing this movie. Rhea is smiling and laughing at the fact that her daughter is having a blast and making the most of their night out together.

8 Candy Shop Outing

David Lascher is best known for playing Josh Blackhart, the handsome coffee shop employee who meets Sabrina when she goes to college. Since appearing on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lascher and his wife Jill London have three adorable children together.

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At the opening of Melissa Joan Hart's candy shop, SweetHarts, Lascher had this picture taken of him and his family. We can see that the family is full of smiles since they're spending time together (and, of course, they're getting some sweet treats too). Make sure you follow Lascher and spend time with your family while going out to get a treat.

7 Time For Pumpkins

Not everyone in the Sabrina The Teenage Witch universe are witches or even know that magic is real. Soleil Moon Frye played Roxie King, Sabrina’s mortal roommate during her college years.

Although on this TV show, she played a cynical character, in real life you can tell how sweet and warm the acress is the people that she loves.In this picture we see Frye with her four children, Jagger, Story, Poet, and Lyric, sitting down together before they carve some pumpkins for Halloween. Creating family traditions around the holidays is definitely one of the best things that you can do.

6 Say Cheese

Elia Donovan played a character we all loved to hate on Sabrina the Teenage Witch as Morgan Cavanaugh: Sabrina's roommate Morgan. She always seemed to like the same boys that Sabrina was dating.

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But in real life, Donovan is a sweetheart who married Charlie Bigelow, and the couple welcomed a beautiful girl named Scarlett in 2012. This photo shows how much the family likes to spend time together. Donovan and her daughter are making faces at the camera as she snaps a picture, all while Bigelow smiles in the shot. Make a silly face just like Donovan and enjoy the little things with your family.

5 Smile For The Camera

Alimi Ballard played the one and only Quizmaster, also known as Albert, who helped Sabrina study and pass her witches license test so she could practice . Ballard’s character was only in a couple of the first season, but without him, Sabrina still won't be able to practice magic. Ballards has since gotten married to Dior Ballard and had two children of his own.

This picture of Ballard and his family shows how much fun you can have just spending time with your loved ones. So we encourage everyone just like Ballard to enjoy life and spend some quality time with the family.

4 Like Mother, Like Daughter

Here's another great picture of Caroline Rhea and her sweet daughter, Ava. On the show, Aunt Hilda is funny and impulsive when it comes to raising Sabrina.

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In real life, you can tell by this photo of her and her daugher, Ava, that Rhea takes the time to listen and be friends iwth her daughter. Rhea is seen sitting on a purple couch while her daughter Ava is sitting on the floor, and both of them are smiling big. This photo shows just how much Ava looks like her mom.

3 Always Time For Fun

Valerie Birkhead is one of Sabrina's best friends in high school, and she was played by Lindsay Sloane. Even though Sloane was only in the first few seasons, her character was relatable since she didn't feel very confident.

Sloane is married married to entertainment agent, Dar Rollins, and together they have two kids, Maxwell and Pippa. In this photo, you can tell how much Sloane likes to take time out of her day for her family, letting her little one go for a ride in one of the mall’s toys. We encourage you to live your life like Sloane and enjoy time with your family and make memories whenever you can.

2 A Sweet Moment

Sometimes when you are a busy parent you just need to take time out of your day to spend with your family. Soleil Moon Frye knows how important it is to just spend time with her family when you work a lot.

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That is why we love this photo of Frye with two of her girls. There sweet kiss between Frye and her daughter shows how much the two of them love each other. So make sure to take time out of your day to show your little ones how much you truly care about them.

1 Always Time For Fun

The Hart/Wilkerson family always knows how to have a great time, and we love this photo of the family of five spending the day at the beach.

The photo feature Wilkerson playing around with his youngest son by holding him upside down. Hart and her middle son are embracing in while they watch the two of them play, all while her oldest son walks around the beach. The beach is a fun getaway that allows you to take some time off from the pressures of life and to spend time with people you love.

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