How To Make The Perfect Kids' Holiday Table

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Thanksgiving is a busy time for families, especially if there are young children involved. While you might plan the adult table down to a T, you might want to focus your attention on making the kids table extra special. If your little ones are happy, then it will make the entire day a lot less hectic - and may even enable you to eat your meal in peace. Wouldn't that be nice? Luckily for us, we stumbled across these handy tips for making the perfect children's holiday table from All For The Boys. Why not give it a whirl and see if it's fit to be a new family tradition?

Use disposable plates. If you've got a truckload of guest coming for dinner, then it might be an idea to use paper plates and cups. We all know that kids can get a little crazy too, so save yourself some clean-up time (and a few broken plates) and pick up some recyclable ones from the store. Then, all you'll have to do is scrape them off and stick them in the waste paper bin.

Add a paper tablecloth and some crayons. Let the kids entertain themselves while they eat by giving each little one their own set of crayons. Lay the table with a paper cloth so that they can scribble away while chatting to their friends. The kids are happy and the parents are left to chow down in peace. Everyone's a winner!

Pour sparkling cider. If you usually have a Thanksgiving toast, then keep your kids involved by pouring them some sparkling cider. They'll appreciate being made to feel like adults with their fancy glasses, and will remember it for years to come. Plastic champagne flutes will complete the gesture.

Keep the snacks flowing. Big meals can take a long time to prepare, and we've all heard the constant repeats of "Is it ready yet?" Stop your little ones from getting "hangry" by offering up some light snacks while they wait for the main event. Steer away from anything too heavy - they still need room for the pumpkin pie!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Moms!

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