Watch Out, A Lot Of People Are About To Get Pregnant

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It's the most wonderful time of the year (yes, we're singing as we type over here). It's true though. It's the happiest time whenever people are busy with family togetherness, holiday traditions and eating all the awesome foods that make their bellies oh so happy. And because of all the good spirits that people are in, December is also the time of year whenever people are most likely to be making babies. So ya, statistically, a lot of people are about to get pregnant.

For real. According to the cold hard facts, statistically, September is the month of the year with the highest birth rates.

Ironic? We think not.

And interestingly enough, on the flipside, the holidays are also the least likely time of year for women to give birth. This can obviously be due to reasons such as OB-GYNS not scheduling C-sections during all of these holidays.

They also suggested that women getting pregnant during this time of the year might just be less likely to do with the fact that holidays bring joy, and actually be more about the fact that baby making takes time, and more people are taking time off of work during the holidays and much more relaxed than any other time of the year.

Either way, this is definitely something to consider paying attention to or taking a look at whenever your children were conceived. It's especially interesting if you have a September baby!

So basically this means that if you are trying to get pregnant, so just keep doing what you are doing. And if not... well... you might want to take some extra precautions. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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