People Don't Use Doorbells Anymore Because They're 'Aggressive'


The rise of the cell phone has led to a few different things dropping out of popularity. Landlines, cameras… doorbells? That’s right! This week, Twitter user @youngandjoven tweeted about how millennials texting “here” has killed the doorbell industry.

The thread that ensued was a hilarious compilation of all the reasons that people hate doorbells. Some claimed that doorbells were too “aggressive” or sparked anxiety.

The original tweet, which is nearing 127,000 retweets and 595,000 likes went viral because of it’s extreme relatability. I mean, who does use doorbells anymore?

Some people claimed that doorbells mean an unexpected visitor or some kind of scam. Truly, what kind of monster can’t text “here” like a normal person?

Other replies pointed out that doorbell use separates friends from strangers. And still others talked about the effect that the doorbell has on their pets.

But one of the most telling collection of responses were from people whose doorbells don’t even work. Apparently there are loads of us out there with broken doorbells or no bell at all. And we just don’t care. Why should we? Just shoot us a text!

And despite the original tweet, it’s not just millennials that hate doorknobs. SPOILER ALERT- We all do! Folks of all ages hopped in the thread to talk about how uncivilized it is to ring the bell.

Other comments in the Twitter thread talked about texting people before you arrive so that you don’t have to wait that pesky 30 seconds for the person to answer the door. Forward thinking, or power move? You be the judge.

Of course, there were a few folks who stuck up for the doorbell, because there’s always going to be naysayers. However overwhelmingly the response was that doorbells are the worst, and if you don’t text your arrival then there’s probably something strange about you.

As a side note, the original tweet stated that someone should “...write an article on millennials killing the doorbell industry by texting "here"” A few of the replies were users dropping articles and posts that were done on just this topic. Because it’s so, so real.

Your assignment for today is to reflect on your own values. Are you a bold doorbell presser or a gentle texter?

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