Mom Shares Heartbreaking Story Behind Her Daughter's Peanut Allergy

As far as food allergies go, peanut allergies are possibly the most well-recognized. In Western countries, it's thought that around 1 in 200 people suffer from reactions to nuts. This can range from a slightly itchy throat to full-on anaphylactic shock. Despite being one of the more common food allergies, life can be extremely difficult for those affected. One woman took to Facebook to share her daughter's heartbreaking experience. Lauren's daughter Lois has a peanut allergy that she struggles to cope with on a daily basis. Why? Because others think its a joke.

**SHARING IS CARING ** This is Lois. Amazing, intelligent, funny, kind, considerate, hard working, scared Lois. Lois...

Posted by Lauren Amy on Monday, July 8, 2019

The post goes into great detail about the teenager's battle to have her classmates and her school take her allergies seriously. According to Lauren, Lois had a particularly bad reaction to nuts in July 2018, which saw her airways close and her mother inject her with adrenaline while she lay on the kitchen floor. While Lois pulled through, she stopped eating for two weeks as a result, terrified that she might be put in that position again. Understandably, the teen became incredibly anxious that she may lose her life to her allergy.

Later that year, Lois started a new school which wasn't nut-free. "Louis watches classmates enjoying peanuts during break time and bursts into tears the second she walks through the front door...she's been on high alert for the rest of the day, watching those children constantly, being careful not to touch anything they've touched," reads the post.

"Lois is drained." Lois' problems didn't end there, either. She was subjected to torment at the hands of a mean-spirited classmate, who mocked her allergy and shoved his fingers inside her mouth, telling her he had just eaten peanuts. Other incidents would occur, including another child throwing crumbs over Lois and claiming they were from nuts. When a teacher was informed, the petrified teen was told it was "just a joke."

Despite making a video explaining her allergy in December, the school never showed students until March 2019. Some classmates were shocked at the severity of Lois' condition, admitting they believed it was "just like hayfever." It's not just the students that are fault either, Lauren explained. Teachers have made light of the situation, and at one point, lost her EpiPen. All issues have been dealt with by the school.

Since being published on July 8, Lauren's post has been shared over 26,000 times, has 11,000 likes, and almost 2,000 comments. She hopes that explaining her daughter's experience will help others to realize that food allergies can be life-threatening. "I dream of seeing Lois' name splashed across newspapers and medical journals because she's found the cure for cancer or discovered a new antibiotic that doesn't eventually become resistant," Lauren finishes the heartfelt essay.

"I don't want to see her name splashed across newspapers because she's died at the hands of an inconsiderate classmate, or a careless chef."

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