Peach Cobbler Hair Is the Perfect Summer 2019 Trend

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Change is good. It's not always easy, but finding ways to change is always good. An easy thing to change is your hair color. If you're the kind of person who likes to switch up their look, changing your hair color is also a great way of self expression. Hair color trends are constantly shifting, and this latest trend is gorgeous. Peach cobbler hair is a new trend that is perfect for summer. As the weather warms up, making your hair a little brighter is a great way to reflect it. And this color is lush and full, just like flowers in bloom.

hair is ideal for red heads, but you can definitely still enjoy it if you're not a ginger. The color is a little deeper than a standard peach. And the fact that it's named after the super delicious dessert makes it even better. Because dessert inspired hair color is always a little better. Peach cobbler evokes the feeling of summer days spent outside. It reminds us of cookouts in the backyard, the smell of a warm summer breeze, the sizzle of charcoals. And this new trend somehow manages to wrap all that up into a really multi-dimensional hair color.

Warm Peach Cobbler a la mode was created by hair colorist Chad Kenyon. He also created Colormelt, which is a technique for expertly blending hair color. Peach cobbler hair was specifically created for his client Sydney, as he explains to Allure. During all the years they've been together (we all know a good hair stylist is hard to find) they've always done copper and gold type red hair. So, this next progression just made sense.

"She asked me to richen up her hair color once again with warm golds and coppers, but this time I first painted vanilla bean ice-creamy blonde dimension throughout her hair by balayaging and strobing," he tells Allure.

Don't worry, most of that doesn't make sense to us either. All we know is warm red tones and vanilla inspired blondes. That's the important part anyway. Kenyon tells readers to make sure their hair stylists are using the product Olaplex, a dye system that is really protective and nourishing for your hair, even if you color it a lot.


So now, not only is peach cobbler a delicious dessert, it's a scrumptious hair color. Would you try it?

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