Dad's 'Paw Patrol' Investigation Reveals Ryder 'Plays Favorites'

Watching too much TV can make you go a little loopy, but throw children's cartoons into the mix and you've got a sure-fire recipe for insanity. One dad kept himself grounded by launching an investigation into whether Paw Patrol's Ryder "plays favorites." Although, he did use bar graphs to illustrate his point, so maybe the men in white coats aren't too far off after all.

For those of you that haven't watched the uber-popular Nick Jr. show before, a child called Ryder and his merry band of pups are in charge of keeping the people of Adventure Bay safe. Chase, Sky, Rocky, Rubble, Marshall, and Zuma are all up to the task, but some get chosen to be the hero more often than others, according to some parents.

Christopher Ingraham is a data reporter for The Washington Post, so he was the right person for the task. In a tweet, Ingraham explained that the show had been bothering him for quite some time. As he crunches numbers for a living, it only made sense for him to turn his findings into a well-organized, easy to read graph.

As it turns out, fan-favorite Chase gets the most deployments in seasons 4 to 6, with a total of 61 save-the-day outings. Coming in at 48 is Sky, while Rocky, Rubble, and Marshall all follow. In the last place is Zuma, who gets a measly 16 chances to be the dog of the moment.

Clearly, Ingraham's findings have struck a chord with parents across the globe, as the tweet has gained a solid 2.5k likes. A quick scout of the comments section makes it clear that the daddy of data analysts isn't alone in thinking this. Now we have the proof to back it up. In fairness to Nick Jr., Chase and Sky bring in the most in merchandising revenue, so it's hardly surprising they get more screen time than the rest of the gang.

That doesn't stop supporters of the rest of the troupe asking for more chances for them, though. One user even suggested that Sky's figures aren't an accurate representation, saying, "Sky's high percentage is misleading since Ryder usually just sends her as a scout despite being hands down the most killed pup."

It turns out there really is a science to kids TV after all.

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