Paul Walker's Daughter Shares Touching Photo With Late Father On Birthday

It's been almost six years since actor Paul Walker died tragically at the age of 40. The actor and star of the Fast and the Furious franchise was a passenger in a Porsche driven by a friend, when the driver lost control of the vehicle as it was traveling at extremely high rates of speed. The accident and Paul's death shook the entertainment industry, and fans all over the world were devastated by the loss of such a talented and decent man.

When Paul died, he left behind a daughter, Meadow, who had turned 15 just weeks before the fatal accident that claimed her father's life. In the last nine years, Meadow has grown up and come into her own as a model and philanthropist, and regularly shares memories and photos of her beloved dad. On September 12, what would have been Paul's 46th birthday, Meadow posted a beautiful picture of the two of them on her Instagram account.

Meadow took to Instagram to wish her father a happy birthday, calling him the loveliest soul she's ever known. Meadow and Paul were quite close when he died; she lived in Hawaii with her mom for most of her childhood, but just a year before Paul's death, she moved to California to live with and spend more time with him. The two did all the usual father-daughter things, and Paul was incredibly involved in Meadow's day-to-day life.

Paul's mother Cheryl recalled a story about Paul helping Meadow get ready for a school dance; he pinned her date's boutonnière and drove them to the dance, which is just the sweetest thing.

Meadow remains close to many of her dad's former costars, and a few of them even commented on her Instagram post. Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, and Tyrese Gibson all left some love for Paul and Meadow. which we're sure she appreciates so much. It's never easy to lose a parent, but to lose one in those crucial formative teen years is especially difficult. It looks like Meadow is taking after her dad while still following her own path, and we're sure not a day goes by that she doesn't miss him terribly.

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