Dads Want More Paternal Leave Than They’re Getting

When you welcome a newborn into the family, it's only natural that both parents want to press pause on the rest of their lives for a little while. Those early days can be testing, especially if you're doing it all for the first time. Moms typically get more time off than dads thanks to maternity leave, while paternity leave is seldom heard of in any tangible form. According to the OCED, moms are usually entitled to 18 weeks of paid time off, while the US doesn't have any law that states dads should be given leave. It's up to the employer's good graces to allow a father to spend some days at home.

A new study from the folks at Indeed.com has discovered fathers would like to see a change in this. It's hardly surprising, seeing as what they're getting is next to nothing. In fact, just 17% of parents report having any paid leave at all. According to the research, 44% of dads were worried about the amount of time they would get to spend with their newborn, regardless of if it was paid or unpaid. The study also found that men wanted 10 weeks at home to fully get to grips with parenthood, but are on average only offered seven.

What's more, those that took part indicated they would like employers to be more flexible with working hours post-birth. As parenthood can be a shocking adjustment for both mom and dad, it only makes sense that the 9-5 goes out of the window for a few weeks. 80% of dads felt like they would perform better if they were able to shift their working hours. For example, sleepless nights with a baby and getting up at 6 am isn't going to be good for anyone, let alone the company you're working for. Starting later, some said, would be beneficial for all parties.

While moms may have a better chance at scoring paid leave, having dad at home is an invaluable resource. Babies aren't easy by nature, so it's an all-hands-on-deck scenario. Not only could this help both parents bond with their new addition, but it's also more likely to have a positive impact on the relationship, too.

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