10 Party Games That (Almost) Every Child Will Love

Most parents would do their utmost for their kids, and part of this is throwing them a party to remember. One of the biggest attractions of a well-organized party is the selection of party games for the kids. These keep busy little bodies active and help the children engage with each other in fun and meaningful ways.

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Moms will know that for the procession of games at a child’s party to run smoothly, they need to be organized beforehand. They will also know how frustrating it can be trying to come up with the right game ideas for a specific group of kids at a party. Here are 10 suggestions of party games which most children will love.

10 Pass The Parcel

This game has literally stood the test of time – and for a good reason. A gift or prize is chosen and then wrapped in bright paper. It is then wrapped again, this time, with newspaper. Wrapping continues until there are many newspaper layers. At intervals, sweets can be added between the layers. The idea is to play music and when it stops, whoever is holding the present, can open a layer. The person controlling the music should not see what is happening in the group so that music pausing is completely objective. Whoever is holding the final present when the music stops wins the prize.

9 Musical Statues

Most children love to dance and wiggle about and for this reason, some games never age. Despite advances in technology, this hasn’t changed! A grown up or bigger kid (teenager) can control the music and children can then be free to dance to their hearts delight, to the music being played. When the music is paused, they then have to freeze. Whoever moves, must sit out. The child left standing at the end is the winner. Variations of this game include musical chairs and musical bumps.

8 Obstacle Courses

If you have a garden and lots of active kids, this one is a winner. Set up a ‘track’ of different physical or mental activities which children are required to do and divide the guests into two teams, who must then race against each other, relay-style. Examples for obstacles on the track: Chairs can be put side by side to make a tunnel. There can also be stations where a child must, for example, be required to do 20 star jumps. If there is a hill in the garden, kids can be required to roll down military style. Why not place hula hoops on the ground at one point in the track and require children hop on one leg, hoop to hoop?

7 The Camera Game

Here, technology can be incorporated into the fun of the party proceedings. Have a simple camera handy. Each person can get 30 seconds to take photos.

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After this, the photos are judged by a panel (family members or relatives, or guests moms), and a winner is chosen. This is also a good way to build up a reserve of treasured memories and the best shots can also be e-mailed to guests afterwards as a ‘thank you’ for attending the party.

6 Fun With Food

Children love food: the more sugary, the messier… the better. Here, teamwork can come into play and you can set up stations and play team against team. Why not have a few loaves of bread on each table, and blunt knives with butter or sandwich filling. See which team can come up with the most inventive sandwich.

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This game has, in the past, produced car-shaped sandwiches, toilet-shaped sandwiches, treasure boxes and airplanes. Alternatively, give children some jelly sweets and toothpicks and see which team can build the most impressive structure using these.

5 Blind-Folded Makeover

This one works best for little girls, but can be adapted for boys. It will also require some help is on hand to assist children with cleaning up afterwards. Perhaps put a few items out like lipstick and blush, and blind-fold one child, who must then do the face of the other.

4 Biscuit Decorating

Children will love doing anything they can eat afterwards. Get some plain biscuits with flat surfaces and set up a biscuit decorating station. Include on the table bowls with different colored icing (remembering little girls love pink and boys, blue) and bowls with different colorful candy sweets.

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If the party has a theme, kids can be encouraged to decorate the biscuit in a theme-appropriate way. For example, if it is a fairy party, they can put silver balls and pink icing on the biscuits. Why not have a prize for the fanciest one afterwards?

3 Dangling Donuts

Who can say why, but children love to eat things off a string. Donuts especially are well-suited to being tied to a string and dangled at a height. Tie strings from a horizontal rod and let donuts dangle at just the right height so that children can stand shoulder-to-shoulder, each with his or her own donut, and race to see who can eat theirs’ first. Their tummies might look small but they can eat fast and will love the race aspect to the game. First prize winner is the one who gobbles the whole donut before the rest manage to.

2 It’s Piñata Time

One doesn’t need to be Mexican to appreciate a good piñata. These can be purchased from party shops or ordered online. Or parents can search the internet for instructions on making their own. Children then line up, baseball bat in hand, and have turns to smash the piñata, with all that is inside of them, until it breaks and sweets start to pour out. Each child is then given a packet to collect the spoils from the broken piñata.

1 Pop The Balloon

While adults might freak out each time a balloon pops, children are a little brave and your little one and their friends will enjoy popping balloons - especially if the balloons each have a piece of paper with a fun instruction inside of them. So, for example, a child might be instructed to act like a monkey, after popping one of the balloons. Or a balloon might have a piece of paper saying, ‘Congratulations, you have won a prize’, or it might instruct the child to eat a piece of birthday cake without using any hands. Your imagination is the limit. Each child should get a turn.

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