Party City Selling A 'Super Mom' Costume & It's Perfect

Moms are superheroes, there's no doubt about that. We juggle everything, taking care of our families, working, cleaning, etc. So when do we get something to represent our superhero status? Apparently, the wait is over. Party City has us covered with their Super Mom Halloween costume. So you can do as your true self this year!

So what does the costume entail? It's very simple, just a shirt and eye mask. The shirt has the Clark Kent/Superman vibe going with the white button down opening to reveal "Super Mom." There is also a fake strand of pearls. Much like people believe, there are four extra arms attached. And there are accessories! A fake credit card, an iron, a whisk and a to-do list as long as a CVS receipt. Inside of the faux apron are a pair of rubber gloves, scissors and a spray bottle. Typical mom stuff.

super mom halloween costume
Credit: Party City

Since it's just a top, you can pair it with whatever you want. In the picture, the model is wearing a pencil skirt. But let's be real, what super mom actually wears a pencil skirt to clean the house. Throw on a pair of black leggings or yoga pants and put your hair up in a messy bun. Then you'll be a more accurate representation of a super mom. And the purple under eye circles are optional of course, but are they really? Debatable.

According to the one review on the site, the costume needs a little DIY. Like most of these Halloween costumes you buy, it's "cheaply made." And while the arms in the picture stand on their own, the reviewer warns that they come flat. So if you want them to stand the way they're supposed to, you're going to need to stuff them. "Only some of the cardboard props had Velcro, so I hot glued them to the hands," she adds. Obviously you don't have to take it that far, but it's good to be aware.

This costume is so funny that you have to buy it. It's a one size fits most, according to the website, it fits sizes 4 to 10. Right now it's only $40, which is $20 less than it's normal retail price. You can only get it online, so hurry!

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