If You See Your Friend's Partner On A Dating App, They Might Not Necessarily Be Cheating

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Picture this: you're single and using an app like Tinder to hopefully score a date (or more). You spend some time mindlessly swiping right and left through a seemingly endless supply of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes. At some point, you stop opening their profile and just swipe based off their picture and caption (pro-tip: always swipe left on someone who went to "school of hard knocks").

Then one day, someone catches your eye! But not for the reason you'd hope. During your swiping, you happen to stumble across a picture of someone who looks ... familiar. You stop. You stare. You open their profile and read their information section. And that's when it clicks: you're looking at the boyfriend of someone you know. Maybe a friend, maybe a relative, doesn't matter. The guy in your queue is most definitely NOT single, and you are now faced with some tough decisions.

Pretty much sums it up.

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Before you go full fire dragon on that guy, there are some things to consider. One, you very well may be looking at an old profile! That's a completely plausible and innocent explanation, right? Most people who use Tinder don't delete their account when they're off the market. They just delete the app. So their account stays active, and comes up in search queues. For the most part, people are smarter about the way they cheat (crappy, but true). Given that Tinder has something like 50 million people with active accounts, you'd have to be pretty stupid to not realize you'd get busted at some point.

Another thing to keep in mind is that someone could be posing as that person in order to catfish other people. It's a long-shot, sure, but it does happen! It's as easy as right-clicking a Facebook profile picture and using it as your own. It could also be that your friend is in an open relationship and you just aren't privy to the details of it. Again, long-shot, but totally possible.

But, there is also that chance that your friend is dating a complete scumbag, and now you have to figure out what to do. If it were us, we'd tell them. And we'd want to be told! People can be very good at hiding who they really are, and your friend may have no idea who they're really dating. Of course, with this option comes the risk that your friend will get angry at you and not their partner. But if you can save your friend the heartbreak that's surely headed their way by outing their partner as a cheating jerk, you'd be doing them a huge favor in the long run.

What do you think? If you found your friend's boyfriend on Tinder, would you spill? Or keep it to yourself?

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