Parents Say CBD Is Helping Their Children With Autism

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CBD oil is the latest health trend, and it's spreading far and wide. Although there's not much solid research out there to attest to its benefits, hoards of people are saying it helps with a multitude of illnesses, from Parkinson's disease to anxiety and mood disorders. One parent spoke to the TODAY show about how the tincture is helping her autistic child.

Alison Rogers has five children, so managing her son Hudson's autism can be challenging. Since giving him the cannabis derivative, Rogers has seen a marked improvement in his quality of life. The Texas-based family tried dozens of different treatments, including prescription drugs, but these only made him aggressive. She tearfully told the TODAY team that she believed she "lost" her son. Now that he's taking CBD, she has him back and his symptoms, like wandering, have significantly reduced.

It was a mother in her son's class that recommended CBD as she had success with it. Willing to try anything that could make a difference, Alison decided to give it a try. Now, the nine-year-old takes 500mg a day of the specially made tincture that she buys online. Among other things, the doting mom says that her son is able to communicate better and seems a lot calmer and more focused. Conversing with him is easier, as is his eye contact.

While Rogers isn't the only person that's seen the benefits of the oil, the FDA isn't convinced. The segment features an interview with Dr. John Torres, who states that more research needs to be done to rule out any harmful side effects that long-term usage may or may not have. Warning people to "pump the brakes", he goes on to say that further clinical trials are needed to determine the effect CBD has on conditions like autism.

Although CBD is a chemical found from the cannabis plant, it contains no THC so users don't get high from using it. According to Health, CBD users won't have to worry about any psychoactive effects at all, including sedation or drowsiness.

Have you tried CBD oil for your children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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