Parents Trick Babies Into Thinking They Bumped Their Head In Disturbing Viral Video Trend

If it wasn't bad enough that people were throwing cheese on their babies heads and terrorizing them by beating up their stuffed animals on front of them (seriously, you cant make this stuff up), now there is another disturbing trend of parents intentionally upsetting their babies. A new viral trend that popped up on Reddit has parents knocking or tapping on a wall, and then reacting as if their baby hit their head. This causes their babies to then cry as if they had indeed been injured.

The clips appeared on a SubReddit and appear to have originated in China. The post was titled "Imaginary Knocks" and has racked up many comments from other Reddit users. Although the babies aren't really being injured, it seems like there is definitely an ethical grey area when it comes to inducing distress in your baby for the sake of some laughs or a clip to post on the internet.

Many of us with kids have had experiences where w have seen our kids get hurt and their reaction is heavily influenced by that of the parents. A comment on the post on Reddit by user u/mjolnir76 summed it up like this:

This reinforces how strong the parental reaction is for kids. I can’t tell you how many times my kids took a small tumble and looked to ME for how to react. I didn’t freak out, so they didn’t freak out.

In the video, the parents are holding the baby and then make sound by knocking the wall, then begin to rub their baby's head as if they are injured. They react in a comforting manner, just as they would if the child was hurt.

Although it is an interesting example of just how much influence the parent has on the child, it does seem a little bit questionable to be exploiting this emotional reaction.

This isn't the first viral trend that showcased parents inducing stress on their kids. There was a horrible example of this when parents were "beating" their children's stuffed animals for not eating. This was probably one of the most disturbing examples. Hopefully this trend of freaking babies out for sharing online is over soon.

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