Parents Punish Teen By Taking Over Her Social Media For 2 Weeks

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Whenever we think back to the ways that we were punished as kids, it is wildly different from the way parents are punishing their kids these days. But things are different and we totally get that, too. Things like taking away television just doesn't impact kids the way it would many years ago, because there is always another device and another way to still access the things they want. Parents these days are forced to get creative.

Well, getting creative is exactly what these parents did, and it might just have been the best punishment ever for their daughter.

A teenage girl named Maddi, was grounded by her parents (we're not sure what for). Her mother, Tawnya Bishop Ford, took it to Facebook to share what her punishment ended up being. Spoiler alert: it was embarrassing enough, that it would make Maddie think twice about disobeying family rules again.

Ford wrote in the post, "Maddi is grounded. We gave her a choice of 1 month without a phone OR 2 weeks without a phone BUT, we have full control over her social media during that 2 weeks. She chose 2 weeks. After 1 day of updating her insta, snap chat and tiktok, she came home from school and said.. I change my mind, I choose 1 month!"

So basically, Maddi thought that she was getting away with the lesser punishment and little did she know what her parents had in store for her during those two weeks without a phone.

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The clip shared on her social media, we're assuming, was her father dancing along to, "My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard,” in an embarrassing way. We could only imagine how horrible it was to walk through her school halls, knowing that all of her classmates had that visual.

Since the post was shared last Monday, the Facebook clip has had almost 700,000 views. Looks like a lot of parents and students, too, are laughing along with Maddi's parents.

We sure hope that she learned her lesson, because one can only imagine what kind of videos her parents would have in store for future punishments.

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