7 Parents Of Twins You Need To Follow On Instagram


Social media has its drawbacks, for sure, but it's been such a lifeline for so many parents. It's allowed us to connect with other parents, sometimes on the other side of the world, and feel less alone on this crazy journey. We all have our favorite parents we follow on Instagram, right? Whether it's a celeb raising their kiddos in the public eye, or a regular mom and dad like us just trying to document the craziness of everyday life, these accounts give us a glimpse into parenting and show us that we really are all in this together. If you have twins or multiples, there are definitely some Instagram accounts you should be following. Double (or sometimes triple and quadruple!) the fun, right?

The McClure Twins @mccluretwins

Twins Ava and Alexis are too cute for words, and we love following along on their adventures with mom Ami, dad Justin, and baby brother Jersey. We're not even going to lie, we totally get some fashion inspo from these budding stars.

Margaritha @mamamargaritha

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This young mama has her hands full, and we mean FULL. After welcoming three boys in one year (older brother Jack and twins George and James), Margaritha chronicles their fun like in beautiful Holland.

Momo Twins @leialauren

Darling twins Leia and Lauren live a pretty awesome life, and mom @emberyong does an amazing job of sharing the good, the crazy, and the very, very toddler.

Bev Weidner @bevcooks

Bev Weidner's feed is beyond dreamy. When she's not sharing tidbits of life with twins Will and Natalie, she's making our mouths water with pictures of her out-of-this-world food.

The Busby Quints @itsabuzzworld

Yes, you read that right - QUINTS! You may recognize the Busby family from their show on TLC, OutDaughtered. Their five 3-year-olds are the only all-girl quintuplets in the country, and they're joined by big sis on lots of adventures!

Garrett Twins @nolanandnash

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Mardi Gras 2019 w/ my favorite krewe! 🎭📿

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Fraternal twins Nolan and Nash are just about the cutest little buddies we have ever seen! These brothers are each other's best friend, and their entire IG feed is full of nothing but love.

Brooke Iseppi @brookeiseppi

Mama Brooke and twins Isabella and Mia, 6, are the sweetest little trio. Follow along for fun, travel, and lots of doggo pictures!

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