Parents Magazine Photo Claiming 'Men Have Periods Too' Receives Intense Backlash Online

Parents magazine, a media, and news company posted on their Instagram @parents about the controversial topic of gender fluidity this week and in what was supposed to be an attempt at being "woke", appears to have backfired on them. The post highlights 4-year-old Eli smiling and holding a letterboard that reads "Some men have periods too If I can get it so can you." The original post came from Milly Bhaskara's @millykeepsgoing Instagram page on October 25th and was made in honor of Always removing their female Venus symbol in an effort to be more gender fluid.

Followers of Parents didn't see it this way though. The post got over 4,000 comments, with most of them not being in support of the post. While some commenters weren't put off by the actual content of the post, they did express distaste in the fact that this post seemed to be exploiting 4-year-old Eli and got comments like "whoever made their child hold this sign needs mental help...this poor kid" and "Ridiculous. He's a child. Let him be a CHILD."

Other's didn't seem as bothered by Eli being the poster boy for this message but expressed confusion over the scientifical claim made on the letterboard with comments like "No. WOMEN have periods. Period" and "this makes zero biological sense." One commenter tried to shed light on what the 13-word letterboard had troubles conveying and wrote "For folks who feel confused or unclear, the writer is talking about trans men. Trans men are folks who were assigned female at birth, but know themselves to be men. So as folks who are assigned female at birth, some trans men menstruate. Which is why it's true that some men have periods."

It's unclear which way politically the majority of the commenters lean but they did get a ton of comments that indicated that people who currently followed the page thought that Parents went too far and planned on unfollowing it. While Parents may have had the best of intentions when sharing this post, they seem to have overestimated the desire or ability of their followers and readers to latch onto this subject matter.

It's also possible that it was not the subject matter that was the issue, but the way it was delivered as was evidenced by a few commenters who claimed to be pro-transgender rights but still expressed displeasure with the post.

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