Parents Accidentally Leave Newborn In Taxi That Drove Them Home From The Hospital

leaving hospital new baby

The frenzy of having a new baby can cause a lot of confusion. And it only gets more frenzied after the first child. Sometimes this leads to some truly unthinkable actions. A family in Germany is learning just that. After having their second child, they left the baby in the taxi on the way home from the hospital. We've heard of people leaving a phone or maybe a purse, but a baby? Wilder things of course, have happened.

Naturally, all of this was just an unfortunate accident. The parents were leaving the hospital with their new baby and one-year-old in tow. An uneventful taxi ride followed, and that's where things got exciting, if you will. After getting out and paying, they realized their mistake as soon as the taxi drove away. According to the Hamburg Police's Facebook post, "The attempt to run after the taxi was unfortunately not successful." They immediately called the police to report the incident.

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Posted by Polizei Hamburg on Monday, May 20, 2019

Soon, the newborn found itself on the adventure of its short lifetime. As they slept in the backseat, the driver continued his day. He was completely unaware of his tiny passenger snoozing away. During the time he had the baby, he even stopped to have lunch in an underground garage. That's the thing about newborns, they're super quiet while they're asleep. So, after his lunch, the driver went on about his day, heading to pick up another passenger.

He drove all the way to the airport to look for passengers. We don't know the distance he had driven, but we can imagine it was far. Airports aren't usually in the most easily accessible places. Imagine the surprise of the next passenger when they realized a baby would be joining them. Sure, the baby could be beneficial if there's a carpool lane, but still.

"The new passenger, however, was somewhat irritated about the already present passengers and drew attention to the taxi driver on this "carpool"," the Facebook posts reads. As if on cue, the baby woke up and began to cry.

Once the baby was awake, the driver called the police. Of course, they were well aware of the situation, and immediately responded. "After a brief examination of the child by an ambulance crew, we were able to reunite the happy family and ensure a happy reunion," the police said.

We know those parents are feeling equal parts grateful and embarrassed. Thankfully the tale had a very happy ending.

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