10 Ways To Muster Up The Energy To Work Out After A Long Day With Kids

Caring for children all day long is absolutely exhausting. It is not only physical, lifting young children up and down, into car seats/strollers/highchairs, but it is also emotionally tiring to hear crying/screaming/whining on and off all day. Often, the last thing that many stay-at-home-parents want to do near the end of their days is work out.

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Though exercise can actually boost energy, it can be hard to get the energy to begin. So, we have listed ten ways to muster the energy to workout after you've had a long, tiring day with children. We hope this sparks some inspiration to get yourself moving after a day of non-stop work.


Drinking water throughout the day will boost your energy. Science shows that if you wake up first thing in the morning, drinking a large glass of water will wake you up quite well. Since you've been fasting all night long during your slumber, waking to a large glass of water will perfectly hydrate your body first time in the morning.

Remember to stay hydrated to keep your energy levels up. That way, when it comes time to exercise, you will be energetic enough to pull through.


Snacking is a great way to keep energy levels up. It's hard enough to find time to make well-prepared meals while you're caring for a child and/or children during the day, let alone eat with them. So, find quick and easy snack ideas so you can stay full through out the day.

Whether it's a handful of almonds or a plate of fruit after breakfast, it's important to keep your energy levels high during the day so you have enough energy to work out in the evening.


Most of us feel a bit groggy mid-day. Instead of reaching for that second espresso while the baby naps, grab an avocado, or cashews. Healthy fats are a great way to boost your energy and keep you full.

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Which means, when it comes time to work out, you're less likely to crash. If you have a moment to relax while you eat your meal, by all means! Try and save as much energy as you can so you can have a great workout later.


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Being able to visually see your goals is a great way to keep yourself focused on them. Whether you make a vision board for long-term goals or write down your workout plan for that night's activity, writing down your plans, no matter how big or small, is a great way to make them actually come to life.

So, grab a pen and piece of paper. When you have a spare moment (during nap or TV time), write down your plan for your workout. Then, you have a reference for when you're ready to walk the walk.


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Music is  great way to lift the mood and get you energized to get things done. Whether you put on classical for some soothing tunes to concentrate to or pop to sing along to in the shower, music is a great way to muster additional energy that you never knew you had.

Blare some of your favourite workout music before leaving for the gym. You'll likely feel like a whole new person when you wake your mind up to some good, uplifting beats.


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Having a post-workout goal or plan is a great idea to follow through with your workout. Whether it's a specific stretch regime you'd like to try, or a smoothie you'd like to mix up if you complete each rep, making a post-workout plan is a great way to muster the energy you never knew you had.

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It's important to believe in yourself and set goals. Making a post-workout plan is a very realistic and motivational thing to do if you want to muster the energy to work out after a long day with the kiddos.


Whether you make a bet with yourself or with a friend/partner, sometimes having that push is a great way to follow through with your workout goals. You could simply bet money or who gets to put the baby down the next time; just ensure it's a bet you'll likely not want to break!

Betting is a great way to muster additional energy to workout after taking care of the kids all day. You definitely do not want to lose this bet, especially if it's who's waking in the middle of the night for baby's diaper change.


Again, having a visual aid is excellent motivation. If you put pen to paper and describe why you work out, it will absolutely bring the motivation you need to exercise after a long day's work. Whether you work out to lower your cholesterol, to keep fit or to boost your moods, every reason is valid, no matter how big or how small you believe them to be.

You may have more than one reason or only one. Everyone's reasons are different, but they're so incredibly important. So, don't forget why you're working out. It's clearly important for you, and in turn, your family.


Nothing brings more energy and motivation to the gym or class than a workout buddy. After a long day with the children, sometimes it's a great excuse to get social. After spending all day caring for little humans, it can be refreshing to work out along side an adult- someone you can have real-life conversations with.

Bringing a buddy along for your workout is a great tip to bring that energy up after a long day of watching the children.


If you decide to leave your workout buddy behind, remember how this time can be the most important: quality time with yourself. Life is a balance. It can be hard if you're a stay-at-home-parent. Even running to the washroom may bring along a crowd.

So, when you workout, don't forget that it's you time. This reminder will surely allow you to muster enough energy to get up and get moving.

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