10 Ways Parents Can Go On Date Nights...With The Kids

A lot of couples have the misconception that when their first child is born, they won’t have time in their schedules to go out and enjoy each other as a couple anymore. And while some of that might be true, having children doesn’t mean that you will lose the spark in your relationship. In fact, it can be the opposite.

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Spending time with each other might seem almost impossible, but not if you are creative. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a babysitter or pay for grandma’s ticket to come visit and watch the baby. Here are ten unique ways you can go on date nights… with the kids!

10 Go Out For Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like a date that includes getting a sweet treat for everyone? A lot of couples love to go out for ice cream and if you have kids, this is a perfect way to not only spend a little time together but to bond as a family, too. It’s simple, it’s oftentimes cheap and also a good way to sit around, talk and best of all enjoy everyone’s company.

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After all, many parents and even kids will tell you that some of their best memories included eating ice cream with their loved ones. Because let’s face it, there are very few people who can eat an ice cream cone with an upside down frown, right?

9 Enjoy Special Themed Nights At Restaurants

If you find yourself wanting to check out the local restaurant scene but can’t find a babysitter to watch after your children, take them with you! There are plenty of dining establishments that offer either special themed nights for the whole family or better yet, kids eat free specials.

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You and your partner can wine and dine to your heart’s content while your children color and eat their chicken nuggets for free. It’s a win-win situation for all as you can still squeeze in a little couple time while your kids are entertained. Plus, who doesn’t love a little belly dancing or fiesta with your side of chips and guacamole, right?

8 Or Enjoy A Romantic Dinner At Home

If you find that you don’t have much time or your budget doesn’t allow you to dine at your favorite hotspots, don’t worry. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner at home. As a matter of fact, you can get the entire family involved in all of the preparations from coming up with a menu, setting the table, the cooking and hopefully the cleaning, too.

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You can even ask your child if they want to help “serve” dinner for you and your partner. Knowing just how much kids love to play make believe, they will have fun with this idea. Just don’t forget to tip your waiter!

7 Visit A Botanical Garden

Another great way to connect with both your family and nature at the same time is by visiting a local botanical garden in your neighborhood. Not only will your children be thrilled by checking out everything that the garden has to offer, but you and your loved one will also appreciate just how romantic a stroll through the beautiful flowers and plants can be.

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If the weather is cool enough, you might also get to experience a few blossoming flowers both up close and personal. And who knows, your loved one might surprise you by coming home with a bouquet of beautiful flowers, too. That, or you will be surprised by how much your family will learn by spending an afternoon with so much flora and fauna.

6 Make It A Movie Night

Another classic example of a great date night for either couples or couples with children is by making it a date night! That’s right, you can still snuggle up with your love while eating popcorn and enjoying a great family-friendly flick with your kids. If your budget is an issue, don’t worry.

5 Check Out A Museum

If the weather isn’t good enough for an afternoon at a botanical garden or if you are not up for a movie date, another great option is checking out a local museum.

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For families that have budget constraints, most museums around the country offer free admissions on certain days (just call ahead of time to double check). From dinosaur relics to planetarium, this is a fun and great way to be hands-on with science.

4 Have A Picnic At The Local Park

While a lot of families love being entertained at fun restaurants, you can definitely take things old school and plan a picnic in the park, too. Plus, you will most definitely save money by packing your own sandwiches, snacks, drinks and desserts. Grab an old or favorite blanket, dust off your picnic basket and enjoy some time under the sun while also getting some Vitamin D. If the breeze is cool and there’s no rain in sight, go for it! This is a great example of a perfect and relaxing day date and one that both you, your partner and your children will remember for years to come.

3 Explore A New Neighborhood

Another great way to spend quality time with your loved one (with your kids by your side, no less) is to explore a new neighborhood. With so many people busy with their work, school and extra-curricular activities, many people don’t realize that there are so many great gems, coffee shops, museums and even fun thrift stores right around the corner from where they live. Exploring a new neighborhood is not only a fun and cheap way to get out of the house, but you might also end up meeting a few neighbors, too and discovering a new breakfast spot, too!

2 Head To A Theme Park

If you are lucky enough to live near a major theme park, then wake up early, grab your partner and kids, put on your favorite mouse ears and feel like a kid again. After a long day in the office and in the classroom, your family deserves it. And don’t think that theme parks like Walt Disney World are just for children.

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You’d be surprised to find out just how much fun you can have riding the attractions and checking out all of the character meet and greets as an adult, too. Or if your child happens to be in school, grab your loved one and spend the day at Disney on your own. And no, you don’t have to tell your kids, either.

1 Put The Kids To Bed Early

If you’ve tried all of the above and find that none of these day or evening ideas work out for you, your partner, and the kids then by all means, put your children to bed early and enjoy a free night with just the two of you. You can do something simple like watch a movie on the couch, binge on your favorite snacks or just have a quiet dinner with your loved one. And technically your kids are still there even though they are sleeping in the next room, right? A little quiet time can even be considered happy time!

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