10 Tips To Help Parents Conquer Holiday Stress

Holidays can be very stressful for many parents. Then again, they can be stressful for anyone! But believe it or not, there are some things that parents can do to conquer their holiday stress before it even begins.

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Once fall hits, there are four holidays back to back; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. All four can become quite stressful if parents don’t take action. There are some ways that moms and dads can relax as well as things they can do to prepare for the holidays to make them a bit less stressful. So whether or not parents need help de-stressing or need tips to prepare, we have a little something for everyone to try.

10 Start A Holiday Savings Fund As Early As Possible

Starting a holiday savings fund as early in the year as you can. It will help you purchase gifts and supplies when the holiday season rolls around. It is also a great way to have savings for your family’s birthdays as well.

You can open a separate savings account from your regular one or create one if you don’t already have a savings account. Contribute what you can, when you can but make sure not to spend the money you have available in it. It makes it easier when you don’t link the account to your debit card because you have to actually go inside the bank to pull money out.

9 Enjoy Some Quality “Me Time”

Sometimes taking a timeout to do something for just yourself and no one else can help relieve some of that holiday stress. Do something for yourself that you like to do when you get a chance.

Try to find a babysitter or ask the other parent to watch after the little ones so that you can enjoy some quality “me time.” Plan a date night with just yourself; be your own date. Go see that new thriller at the movie theater, go out for your favorite meal, read a new book or anything else that would help you alleviate some of life’s big stressors.

8 Take A Relaxing Bath When The Kids Are In Bed

When the children are in bed, you can take a break and enjoy a nice hot, relaxing bubble bath. It is an excellent way to melt off some of that tension that you have been feeling around the holiday season.

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If you want, you can purchase fun and good-smelling bath bombs, bubbles, or even light some candles to help you further unwind. This is a little trick you can use to de-stress year-round, and not just during the holiday season.

7 Make A Check List

Try creating a checklist or to-do list to help you keep track of the important things that you have to get done this holiday season. It can help you stay organized when everything is feeling rather chaotic. Plus, every time you check something off of your list it can help make you feel a bit more accomplished; like you’re actually making a dent in the many things that you have to get done and accomplish.

You can create as many or as little lists as you would like. It’s all about finding out what works for you.

6 Assign Family Members Tasks And Chores

If you feel pressured into getting everything done and ready for the holidays by yourself, things can escalate quickly and the stress and tension can really start to pile on. But if your child’s other parent is in the picture, you have some amazing friends, or even if you have children who are old enough to clean or complete tasks, bring them all on board with you. The extra help can feel like a true blessing.

During each holiday, assign your loved one's tasks and chores to complete so that you are not stuck doing it all alone. It takes some of the heaviness off of your shoulders.

5 Wrap (And Hide) Gifts As You Get Them

The holiday season consists of giving for so many people. If you are one of those people who likes to give gifts during the holidays, you can wrap your gifts as you get them and hide them so that your children or family members have no idea where they even are.

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If you celebrate Christmas, wrapping the presents beforehand can save you a lot of time and hassle come Christmas Eve when you are getting ready to put the kids presents from Santa out. Many people hate wrapping, so trying to wrap gifts in bulk can often feel tedious and stressful. Getting it done ahead of time is so much easier.

4 Unwind With Music

When we put on music that we really enjoy that is either upbeat or even relaxing, it can be an excellent way to boost your mood and unwind. For some people, during the holiday season, it may be holiday music, while for some others it may be something from their favorite artists.

Music also tends to make cleaning much more interesting and much less of a chore and a hassle. So, when you start to feel that holiday stress creep up, play some music that will put you in a better mood. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing through speakers or your own personal headphones.

3 Plan Your Holiday Meals Early

When it comes to making and preparing your holiday dinners if you will be the main cook this holiday season, knowing what to make and what to buy can oftentimes be half of the battle.

Try to create a meal plan in advance and make a shipping list of the food items that you will need beforehand as well. This will cut out some of the stressful guesswork that comes along with preparing your holiday meals. Tackle one holiday at a time.

2 Shop Smart With Sale Ads And Coupons When On A Budget

Most people have to shop on a budget these days, so regardless of whether you are shopping for gifts or food, utilizing your favorite shop's sale ads and finding coupons can help make your budget stretch just a little bit further.

By using the sale ads plus coupons, you can have some extra cash to either put away from the holiday, rainy days, or even emergencies. Or you could even take the money saved and buy yourself something special for the holidays.

1 Have A Game Plan For When You Decorate

You should try to figure out what decorations you want to use per each individual holiday. Figure out a budget for decorating for the various upcoming holidays as well. If you have started a holiday savings fund, you can pull some money from that account and use it towards purchasing the decorations that you feel you have to get.

Plan out where you want the decorations to go. This can help eliminate some of the stress that comes with decorating for the holidays. Pick a nice day outside to get the outside decorations done. And then work on inside decorations at your own pace.

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