10 Parenting Rules For Moms In Their 30s

Regardless of what age you are when you first become a parent, navigating the waters is always tricky. As a matter of fact, there’s a very good chance that a mom in her 20s will be just as scared of first-time motherhood as a mom in her 40s. Simply put, we are all in the same boat here, right?

Well, for moms in their 30s, they can often feel like they belong somewhere in the middle. They don’t feel like they are that young compared to other first-timers, yet they haven’t really gotten to that stage in their lives that grants them the comfort that they are knowledgable enough in what they are doing. With that said, here are 10 parenting rules that every mom in their 30s should remember.

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10 Set Limits And Be Consistent

This is something that you should start quite early in your child’s life. You don’t want to be the cool mom and you certainly don’t want to be their best friend, either. Set limits and be consistent with them, too.

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Your kids should know that there’s no screen time during dinner time and that dessert doesn’t come before their lunch. Let them know that they always need to have their best manners when speaking to other adults and that certain things just won’t be tolerated.

Especially as they grow, learn and do a better job of following rules. Children are often happier when they have boundaries set by their parents.

9 Discipline

Of course, every parent has a different definition when it comes to discipline. However, your child should know that if they break the rules, there will be consequences. That can be anything from taking their television time away, forbidding them from using the phone or simply not allowing them to have dessert after dinner.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you also communicate to your child why you chose to do it and follow through with any consequences you state. Parents don’t like to hear their kids say “Because I wanted to,” the same way kids don’t like it when parents say, “Because I said so.”

8 Make Time For Your Kids

We get it. Parenting can be tough. Parenting while also juggling your full-time job and your responsibilities at home might make it feel like you never have the time to do anything, let alone take time for yourself or your family. But do know that these years go by fast.

Make time for your kids or better yet, make them your number one priority. You don’t want to go through life in your later years and have nothing but regret. You might not get that cuddle or that pillow talk with a teen the same way you might experience it with a 9-year-old. Your relationship with your child will go through different phases but your love for them will always be there.

7 Be Flexible

While disciplining your child and being consistent is important, you also have to be flexible as a parent, too. After all, some rules are meant to be broken, right?

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If your child refuses to do something or eat something that you prepared for their dinner, rather than argue about it, try giving them options first. Remember that your child is going to grow up with wants and needs and that they might not always agree with you - as long as there is understanding and communication, that's what really matters.

6 Teach Your Child Self-Control

This is a hard one as there are many adults who struggle with this, but by all means, teach your child self-control. And by that, we mean teaching them to control their outbursts, their emotions or the things they say.

Let them know that boundaries do exist and that their behavior and the way they present themselves is very important. Also, having that ice cream bar before dinner might be tempting, but explain to your child why it might spoil their appetite.

Remember, talking things out will help your child better understand that you the best for them, now and always.

5 Don’t Be Intimidated By Helicopter Parents

Your child will end up making friends with people from all walks of life. As a parent, you will come across many other moms and dads that have different parenting styles. Don’t be intimidated by them. Also, don’t cross them off your list simply because they might have different values than you do (as long as they are within certain boundaries of course).

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Helicopter parents might seem intimidating at first, but get to know them and listen to what they have to say about their parenting style. You might learn something from their experiences or even their point of view.

4 Don’t Try To Be A Perfect Parent

As time goes by, you'll find that there really are people from all walks of life that parent differently. But just like helicopter parents, you don’t have to feel intimidated by all of the free range parents who might look like they’ve “got it” when it comes to knowing how to parent the right way. We can let you in on a little secret: there is no right way.

Don’t try to be a perfect parent. Everyone can get burned out from time to time, and it's impossible to do it all. Focus on the really important stuff, and be ready to let some things go.

3 You Don’t Need Each Gizmo And Gadget

It might be very tempting to buy every gizmo and gadget that is available on the market, but truth be told, you don’t need them. And if you are the kind of parent who loves electronics, there’s a good chance that your kid will want them in their hands, too. You definitely don’t want to create an addiction to screens, especially when your children become tweens and teens. A lot of the latest trends might make it look like they are making parenting easier for you, but truth be told they aren’t. Plus, it’s more of a hassle trying to find the right batteries for them!

2 When It Comes To Mistakes...

Admit to them. Own up to them. Teach your child from a very early age that everyone makes mistakes and that you are not immune to them, either. But at the same time, make your intentions as a parent clear. Communicate what you expect your kids to do when it comes to their chores, their schoolwork, and their behavior. No one is perfect, and that includes parents. Let them know from an early stage that you are wanting to work with them, and not against them. Remember that when it comes to this thing we like to call parenting, it’s a life-long learning process.

1 Be A Good Role Model

Lastly, be a good role model. Remember that there’s a good chance your child is watching your each and every move. If you don’t want your child growing up with a foul mouth, then don’t have one yourself. If there’s something that you don’t want your child to do, then don’t to it yourself, either. Teach them that kindness always matters and that it’s better to give than to receive. Model empathy, compassion and how to be an overall good human being. The world can sure use more of them and as many parents will tell you, it definitely starts at home.

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