10 Parenting Rules Jessica Simpson Follows

Jessica Simpson and her parenting decisions garner a lot of attention. She goes her own way and does her own thing as far as parenting is concerned. Some people like it and some don't. Simpson can be classed as a permissive yet involved parent. And her kids seem to be thriving.

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But Jessica is an straight-shooting Texas girl who speaks her mind. If you don't like her parenting choices as far as kids Maxi, Ace, and Birdie are concerned, she would say that is your problem. Here are 10 parenting rules that Jessica Simpson follows — and she doesn't care if you like it or not.

10 Lots Of Social Media Family Time

Jessica Simpson and former NFL footballer husband Eric Johnson are a formidable unit, both actively parenting their three adorable kids. Jessica is completely open about their life, doing loads of posts on social media. Some like it. Some don't.

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Jessica seems to believe that their life is worth sharing so that people understand her family and their world. It's a family affair and so adorable to watch. Hubby Eric is right there, actively parenting and supporting Jessica.

9 Date Night Once A Week

Jessica and her dream husband hire a babysitter for youngest infant Birdie and pass off daughter Maxi and son Ace to the family once a week to have an informal date night.

They may go out or just rent a movie and chill. Jessica has said that it is important for mom and dad to reconnect and stay in touch without the pressure of dealing with three kids. She believes it makes them better parents.

8 Permissive And Very Much Involved

Jessica Simpson is upfront and honest about her parenting decisions. Some say that she is too permissive, but her view is that she allows her kids the freedom to be themselves and express themselves.

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Permissive parenting, which appears to be very much Jessica's style, involves accepting the child for who they are, engaging with them and supporting them. The worst thing a permissive parent can do is to deny their child's sense of self. Both Maxi and Ace appear to have that sense in abundance.

7 Respecting The Child's Decisions Is Important

Jessica seems to celebrate her children's personal decisions about what they do and don't want. Son Ace didn't have a hair cut until he was 4 years old. That is what he wanted. Maxi, her 7-year-old daughter, is into makeup and varying hair colors.

Jessica is encouraging and even participates in the process. When she got criticism on social media for dying Maxi's hair, singer Pink weighed in with pictures of her own daughter's dyed hair. Jessica lets her kids make their own decisions about personal choices.

6 Holidays And Birthdays Are A Big Deal

Family together time is important to Jessica Simpson. That much is clear. But what is also clear is that she enjoys celebrating family life's milestones. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and family birthdays are a big deal to her. This picture is from her son Ace's 4th birthday party. And yes, it is before he had his first haircut.

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The party is a Disney Moana theme, complete with a giant cake and balloons. Apparently, Ace and his friends had a great time, as did Jessica, Eric, and Maxi. And, of course, Momma J. posted it all over social media.

5 Do-It-Ourselves Parenting

Jessica appears to favor a "do-it-yourself" approach when it comes to parenting. She and hubby Eric don't have a nanny, and seem to prefer raising the children without help. This hands-on approach means the couple is connected to their children on a day-to-day basis.

As a permissive parent, this connection to the day in and day out needs of Jessica's children is important. And itt seems to be working. That means a strong, more cohesive family unit that pulls together.

4 Making It Work In Spite Of A Demanding Work Load

Jessica Simpson is a singer, and a pretty good one. She's a businesswoman and a designer. And she is worth a cool $150 million. She has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. And she is very, very busy. In fact, she has said she is too busy to have three kids.

But despite a hectic work schedule, Simpson still looks like she prioritizes family time on a regular basis. It's important to have a healthy work/family balance. So, Jessica has it all: a successful career, a loving family and a fulfilled life. All of this with constant support from hubby Eric.

3 Expressing Yourself Is A-OK With Jessica

7-year-old daughter Maxi is a girl's girl who loves dress-up, makeup and having her hair done. That is just Maxi being Maxi. And that is fine with Jessica. She regularly posts pictures of Maxi all made up and dressed up and enjoying herself.

Letting Maxi and Ace (and someday Birdie) be themselves is a priority with Jessica. Maxi loves being a girly girl and Ace loves sports and activity. And they get all the encouragement in the world from Jessica. Some criticize, but Jessica is persistent and consistent. Her kids are who they are.

2 Kids Can Do Anything They Want

Notice Maxi's red hair. A lot of celebrity parents have gone on record saying they do not, not, not want their kids to go into show business or movies or singing. Not Jessica. If little mini-mom Maxi or slick Ace wants to tread the boards or record songs or act in movies, that's fine with her. And with Eric.

It looks as if Maxi has already made a start. Jessica seems to support her kids living their dreams, whether that is doing an ordinary job or going glam in show business. They have been given permission to follow their own path.

1 Doesn't Make A Drama Out Of A Crisis

The flip side of Jessica's being certain and outspoken is that she is a strong and resourceful character who deals with parenting confidently. Kids sick? She deals with it. Maxi and Ace fighting over nothing at all? She deals with it.

Rumor has it that she is the bad cop to hubby Eric's good cop. She must be getting something right because both Maxi and Ace look to be confident, smiling kids who seem to love their mom and dad to bits. We're sure the same will be true for Birdie, too.

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