10 Parenting Rules We Learned From Full House

A unique family show that is about a mis-matched family is Full House. Full House was a classic T.V. show in the late 1990s and early 2000s that followed a dad trying to raise his family of three girls with his best friend and brother-in-law after his wife dies.

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This odd group of people came together in a time of need and showed the true meaning of family. As well as the show being unique, the family had unique parenting rules too. So keep reading to discover ten parenting rules that we learned from Full House that you should use in your house.

10 Family Comes First

One of the most featured parenting rules throughout the whole series of Full House is that family will always come first. This helps Danny, Joe, and Jesse with many situations that involve the girls and how to help solve a fight. There were times in the show where friends would come and go, but at the end of the day, you would know that your family has your back. This is an extremely helpful rule to have in the house to help with any situations that can arrive around school and friends.

9 Enjoy Every Minute

Life goes by so fast, and soon your little baby is growing and walking and talking all by themselves. An important parenting rule in the Tanner household was to enjoy every minute of your life. Sure there are going to be times when you are upset and angry, but enjoying life and the people you have around you can take an ordinary day and make it extraordinary. So sing while you are doing the dishes, play make-believe with your kids, they will be happy that you did.

8 Everyone Makes Mistakes

In life people make mistakes, it’s just how we learn. Even though you are a parent you are still going to make mistakes too. But something that Danny did with great pride was telling his girls when he was wrong.

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Doing this lets your kids know that you are human and parenting is a process for you, just as growing up is a process for them. This can let your kids get more comfortable around you when you say that you were wrong or made a mistake. Next time you make a mistake, admit it to your family.

7 Tell Your Kids How You Feel About Them

Sometimes, as parents, we can forget to tell our kids how we feel about them when we are not disappointed in something that they did. The Tanner house was known for having a wide range of emotions shared between everyone. Danny, Joey, and Jesse would always tell the kids when they were proud of them. Sometimes telling your kids how you are proud of what they did or what they overcame can be something that will stick out to them, giving them a sense of accomplishment. Make sure you are telling your kids how proud you are of them and how much you love them!

6 Pick Your Battles

As your kids are growing and developing there are going to be many things that can upset you. But something that Danny, Jesse, and Joey all did was to pick their battles with the girls. 

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Of course, if your child made a huge mistake that could have hurt them or others you should take actions, but if it was something where your child learned that what they did was bad, why it is bad, and that they are truly sorry, then you should just let it go. Pick what battles you are having with your kids so you can teach them lessons.

5 Teach Them Responsibilities

Something that Danny, Joey, and Jesse taught the girls (and yes, even Michelle) was responsibilities. They were responsible for their words and actions as well as helping around the house. Teaching your kids that once you do and say something you cannot take it back is a huge lesson that everyone needs to learn in life. And with Danny being a clean freak he always wanted his house to be spotless from dirt, dust, and clutter. A clean house is good for a clan mind.

4 Have Open Dialogue With Your Kids

Many parents ask themselves the question of what their kids are doing and what they are up to. This is not a question that Danny, Joey, or Jesse ever had to ask the girls since they were always honest with them. 

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Encouraging your kids to have an open dialogue with you without there being any punishment or repercussions can help your kids feel like they can come to you. Stop having questions about your kids and instead start talking to them about what is going on in their lives.

3 Hug It Out

The Tanner family is known for being a close-knit bunch and a part of that is because of Danny’s parenting rule about hugging it out. Hugging it out is a perfect way to get over bad feelings towards each other and help heal any argument. Hugging it out is not just something to use between siblings, but is also great for the whole family. Whether you and your child fought, or it was you and your partner, a hug can make things better. Next time there are some bad feelings try to have your kids hug it out and you will see the power that a simple hug can have.

2 Be Friends With Your Kids

Some parents believe that you should not be friends with your kids. But in Full House, their rule is to be friends with your kids. Being friends with your kids allow you to create a more personal relationship with them.

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This relationship can help your kids grow up being open and honest with you about any problem they have, and feel comfortable going to you for advice. So why not take your relationship to the next level with your kids and be not just their parent, but also their friend.

1 It Takes A Village

The biggest parenting rule of the Tanner household and what the whole series is based on is the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. After Danny’s wife passed, he knew that he was not going to be able to raise three girls by himself, and that is why Joey and Jesse were brought in. He knew that his family and friends would have his kid’s best interests at heart and help raise great kids. This is still seen when Jesse and Becky get married and Danny and Joey help with their kids.

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