10 Parenting Rules Channing Tatum Follows

A lot has changed for Channing Tatum since he married his now ex-wife Jenna Dewan in 2009. They had a daughter together in 2013 and although they divorced in 2018, they remain close for the sake of their daughter, who is now six years old. As a single dad, there are a lot of rules Channing follows to maintain his status of cool dad. While it doesn’t have everything to do with his co-parenting skills, it certainly plays a role.

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From working with his ex-wife to keep his daughter’s life as happy as possible, post-split, to making time for daddy/daughter trips, Channing has the fatherhood thing down pat. Here are 10 of the biggest parenting rules Channing follows.

10 Set Your Career Aside Sometimes

Before Channing and Jenna split, they were already working on balancing their careers with marriage and parenthood. And when Jenna attended the 2018 Oscars without Channing, it was for good reason. The proud dad to then-four-year-old Everly opted to stay home with their daughter to take the night off from work, which included an awards show.

Jenna said at the time that Channing was happy and willing to stay home with their daughter and saw being on dad duty as a night off from obligations that weren't as important to him. It teaches an important lesson about balancing your career with parenthood, as hard as that can sometimes be.

9 View Co-Parenting As A Necessity

Parenting your children with an ex-partner can be hard work. But Channing has made it a point to co-parent with Jenna no matter what. He treats it as a necessity, rather than an option. The couple is notorious for parenting their daughter together despite being split up. In fact, they even have an agreement that allows them to travel throughout the United States with their daughter individually as they see fit.

Their ability to co-parent shows how mature both Channing and Jenna are on their own and how they have both made it a rule to co-parent as successfully as possible.

8 Leave Your Ego At The Door

Channing and Jenna originally met on the set of the 2006 movie Step Up. It was a movie that started their romance and would eventually lead them to marriage and their daughter together. When Channing and Jenna were still married, they tried to introduce Everly to the movie that originally brought her parents together.

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But, Channing explained Jimmy Kimmel Live at the time, their daughter wasn’t having it. She didn't respond to the movie as positively as he had hoped, but Channing was quick to give in and allow his daughter to choose a more kid-approved animated film.

7 Don’t Let Social Media Run Your Life

As a parent, it can be easy to get swept up in the world of social media. Or, in your phone in general. Even if you aren’t famous like Channing, a smartphone can be addictive. But he displayed an example of taking a step back from the distractions of social media when he took an Instagram break in August.

At the time, Channing wrote on his Instagram that he wanted to "be just in the real world for a while." It’s not clear if part of the reason for his social media break was so he could focus on parenting his daughter, but it’s still a lesson all parents can learn from.

6 Set An Example Of Healthy Adult Relationships

Most kids want their parents to stay together and divorce can be a tricky thing to navigate for anyone. But Channing sets a positive example for his daughter about what a healthy adult relationship should be.

His daughter can see that even if her parents are no longer together, they are able to maintain an amicable relationship. Even if Everly can't yet understand why her parents are no longer together, Channing seems to have made it a little easier for her to handle the split.

5 Have Some Humility

Even if you are on your third kid, parenting can sometimes mean winging it rather than sticking to a set rule book of some kind. Channing definitely gets this and he isn't afraid to admit to his shortcomings as a parent. In 2015, Channing spoke to Vanity Fair about how he felt when his daughter was born.

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He said, "I think every parent has that moment where they’re like, 'Oh, maybe this was a bad idea. We don’t know how to do this.'" And for any parent who has ever beat themselves up over making a minor mistake or having doubts in their decisions, having humility is important to being able to ease up on yourself as a mom or dad.

4 Make Time For One-On-One Events

As children grow up and they develop their own schedules and obligations, it can be hard to stick to important one-on-one time. But Channing still makes it a point to have that special time with his daughter. The pair recently took a trip to Las Vegas and although the city is synonymous with adult entertainment, Channing had a great family trip with Everly.

He shared photos and videos on his Instagram Story of enjoying one-on-one time in an arcade and making memories together. It might be extravagant compared to what other parents may do with their children, but it shows Channing’s dedication as a dad.

3 Be Your Kid’s Biggest Cheerleader

When Entertainment Tonight caught up with Channing at an event in 2018, he opened up about praising Everly in an Instagram post. In the post, he had applauded her for being one student in her school among many who was unafraid to follow the rules despite some other kids being more rambunctious.

Channing said that Everly having an independent spirit and fearlessness has nothing to do with him and everything to do with her own personality. At the time, he praised his daughter for being independent, which is hard to do as a kid with expectant peers.

2 Embrace The Good And Bad

There’s plenty of good, bad, and ugly that comes with having a baby. But when Channing became a dad, he was already quick to embrace all aspects of parenthood and it’s something other moms and dads can live by.

He admitted to Extra that as a new dad, he was excited to learn about fatherhood and admitted that changing diapers was a part he looked forward to since it meant his daughter was healthy. And as all parents can attest, looking forward to poopy diapers is very real.

1 Appreciate Your Partner

Having a good relationship with your partner might not have everything to do with raising a baby together, but it is certainly a big part of it all. And although Channing and Jenna are no longer together, he set a fine example for their daughter by praising her. He posted about it on Instagram shortly after their daughter’s birth and said that "Watching her in those first days transform into a mother was life-changing." To be a good parent, you also have to have a certain amount of appreciation and respect for your partner and before and even after their split, Channing showed that for Jenna.

Channing has been a dad for six years, so while he isn't necessarily an expert on parenting just yet, he does have some solid rules for parents to learn from. And even the more seasoned moms and dads out there could probably take a few cues from his book.

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