10 Parenting Rules Anne Hathaway Follows

A lot has changed for Anne Hathaway since she became a mother a few years ago. The actress gave birth to her first child, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman, on March 24, 2016. The celebrity shares the child with her husband, who is Adam Shulman.

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The actress was originally going to stay quiet about her child when she got pregnant the first time, but a certain event kind of pushed her into announcing that she was expecting a little one. Before he was born, Anne saw some people taking pictures of her, so she posted one herself so that she could beat them to the punch.

Anne has been very vocal about the impact pregnancy and motherhood has had on her. Here are some parenting rules the actress follows.

10 She Does Not Sing Inside Of Her Home

Apparently, the talented celebrity’s son does not love everything about his mother. Like many other people, Anne likes to sing from time to time, but it seems that she cannot do that these days, at least when she is around Jonathan.

That is because the actress claimed that her son is not a huge fan of her vocal talents. Anne is unable to sing along to any songs in the comfort of her own home when her son is present. Anyone who has ever spent time around children knows that they are always brutally honest, so this is not terribly surprising, but it is kind of funny.

9 Don’t Drop The Kids Off At School While You’re Hung Over

Anne is a private person, but she has been very open about her views on whether or not it is right to take kids to school while hung over, which is something that she is against. But that does not mean that she has never actually done that herself.

Anne has talked about a memory she has of taking her child to school after a night of heavy drinking, and the fact that she was not proud of it. She does not wish to do that anymore. Anne was very bothered by this experience, even though she was not actually behind the wheel.

8 Anne Gave Up Alcohol

Being a parent sometimes involved giving up some things that a person loves, and in Anne’s case, that thing was alcohol. But an interesting fact about this is that she is not actually giving it up forever, since she has claimed that she will only abstain from drinking it until her children are 18 years old.

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This is a very responsible move on her part. Some people have trouble recognizing when they have a problem with something until it is nearly too late, but it seems that Anne did not want to do that. She likes to drink, but she does not want that to affect her family.

7 She Keeps Things Simple

Mothers, especially those who are new to the parenting game, tend to worry about their children a lot, and that is totally understandable, but Anne is not that way. No parent wants their baby to be unhappy or unhealthy, and they want to try to do everything right.

While Anne is definitely no different than that, she prefers to take a more simple, and less stressful, approach to raising kids. As long her child has is breathing and healthy, she tries not to spend too much of her time worrying. Even if she wanted to worry, she probably does not have any time for it.

6 Anne Does Not Think Mommy Guilt Is Sensible

Lots of mothers feel some guilt about their parenting, but Anne does not think it makes sense for any woman to feel that way. The actress has been very vocal about her thoughts on this issue, and she believes that mothers are encouraged to be mean to one another, as well as judgemental, and she is having none of it.

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Mommy guilt is no fun at all, but there are many mothers who go through, whether they are open and honest about it or not. But on the other hand, Anne has had the courage to speak out about it, and that is awesome because it lets others know that they are not alone.

5 It is Cool To Accept Parenting Advice From Others

Lots of people receive parenting advice when they are pregnant, or raising a child, and Anne is totally open to that kind of thing. While not all advice is good advice, taking some of the tips other parents give can be very helpful sometimes.

Apparently, there are some famous faces who have been providing the star with some good tricks, and she really seems to be enjoying it. Anne has been following some of the things a few members of the Royal family do, so it seems like the star is open when it comes to the suggestions others have about how they raise their kids.

4 Keep Their Pictures Off Of Social Media

Anne might be open about some topics, but she really enjoys her privacy, and she is also not fond of posting images of her son on the internet. There was one time when she decided to do it anyway, but the actress regretted it as soon as she had posted it.

I felt like I had broken some kind of seal in inviting people into my life. And even though I felt as though I had done it as protective a way as I could, even though it was a moment I was incredibly proud of, I don’t know that I’ll ever do it again,” said Anne. The picture she posted was adorable, but she regrets that decision.

3 Having More Than One Is Awesome

Anne is obviously enjoying her role as a mother, and she is cool with having multiple children. That became pretty obvious recently, because she has made it really clear that she is expecting another baby.

The actress is currently starring on a series called Modern Love, and some people have seen her walking around with a pretty noticeable baby bump. Sometimes pregnant women change their style before their baby is born, but it looks as though Anne has kept her flawless sense of fashion. The star has been rocking some really gorgeous outfits lately. She really knows how to make a baby bump work for her.

2 The Actress Is Cool With Being Surprised

Anne does not mind being confronted with surprises, which is good, since parents face lots of surprises all the time. Sometimes those are pleasant moments, and sometimes they are rather unfortunate.

But in Anne’s case, there was at least one particular surprise that was definitely a pleasant one. Recently, the star was the guest of honor at a baby shower that her peers threw for her, and the whole thing was a surprise. If she was upset about it, she handled it like a champ, because no one could see anything but a happy look on her face during the event.

1 Looking Kids In The Eye Is A Good Idea

Anne wants to make her children feel loved, so she gets eye-to-eye with her son when she is speaking to him. When parents talk to their children while standing over them, it can make them feel a bit intimidated, which is not something that she wants for her offspring.

Some parents definitely seem to prefer a different type of approach when it comes to their children, but that just shows how every parent is different. Everyone seems to have their own parenting style. In Anne’s case, it seems like she wants her children to feel equal to her and Adam.

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