10 Pieces Of Parenting Advice From Preschool Teachers

These days, it seems that every person and even their dog has something to say about the way you raise your children, with unwanted advice one of the biggest negative points when it comes to your kids. However, sometimes, small pieces of advice can be actually pretty useful, especially when you seem to have tried everything and yet absolutely nothing is working.

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So where is the best place to go when you want some advice? Your kid's teachers, of course! Yes, preschool teachers can offer some of the hottest tips with regards to your children's lives and give parents that outside view on what might be going wrong. So, here are 10 pieces of parenting advice from preschool teachers.

10 Encourage Independence

You should encourage your child to be independent before preschool, during preschool, and after preschool. However, teachers often advise parents that it is better to start teaching their children how to be independent at home a couple of months before they begin preschool for the first time.

For instance, encouraging your kids to eat by themselves, drink by themselves, and go to the bathroom by themselves helps with the transition process from baby to little kid. Therefore, by the time they arrive at preschool, such things won't be a surprise and they won't be as shocked at the new regime.

9 Make Sure Storytime Is Varied

Before starting preschool, teachers advise parents to try and vary storytime with different people and different voices. Using a different voice can help prepare your little one for the new sounds that they will happen upon. Yes, believe it or not, new voices during storytime can really upset those who are used to hearing the voices of their Mom.

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Therefore, it is a good idea to get them used to different voices beforehand. And if you don't have anyone to help you? Put on silly voices instead! Yes, making up voices and doing silly sounds can not only help your kids before preschool but also give you and your little ones some laughs.

8 Plenty Of Playdates With Class Members

Socializing your kids is a great way to get your kids used to the people around them. Teachers encourage parents to make numerous playdates throughout the week so that the faces that they see outside of school are the same inside. This gives your children a sense of familiarisation as well as routine and takes out the sometimes-scary aspect of new surroundings.

Even more, if you want to take it that step further, try finding out who will be attending your children's preschool. Then you can arrange some pre-preschool playdates that can help familiarise your kids with the other children from the very beginning.

7 Give Your Kid A Personal Belonging

Is your kid having trouble adapting to new surroundings? Or maybe they are confused by the new routine. Don't panic! Instead, give your child a small object that belongs to you. The object can be anything, but it is best when it is small enough to fit inside a bag or their tiny hand.

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When you take your kid to preschool, make sure you tell your child that they must look after it all day or at least keep it somewhere safe. This will reassure them that you are coming back to collect them. Plus, the object can give them a sense of relief when they see it.

6 Read Books With School Themes

In order to get your kids prepared for preschool, why not change up storytime with some books about schools or children who are preparing for school or going to school? As a result, this will put the idea of going to school inside their heads. Then, when the big day arrives they might not be as shocked.

In fact, books about preparing for school or going to school can excite your little ones, who might even end up looking forward to it. Plus, make sure you are extremely positive whenever you are talking about school. This will rub off on them and make them excited.

5 Be Prepared For Lots Of Mess

One thing teachers always prepare parents for is the huge amount of mess that they will have to contend with and the huge amount of washing that comes with it. From soiled clothes to dirty shoes, to mucky hands and matted hair, preschoolers come with lots of mess.

Plus, most of the activities done at school involve things such as glue, food, sticky things, paint, and lots of coloring in. Therefore, it is likely that your kid is going to come home covered in at least one of these things every day. So, teachers advise parents to always pack an extra set of clothes... or ten.

4 Keep The Routine

As many parents know, a routine is key when it comes to keeping your kids happy. Teachers often advise parents to start the preschool routine early, even before they have actually started. Once they have adapted, they should be okay for the real deal without any tantrums.

This routine should stay the same throughout their stay, and should not be messed with unless in an emergency. Changing their routine can make kids anxious, which might make them associate this anxiety with their school. So, make sure everything stays the same—at least until the next school, that is...

3 Promote Communication 

Kids should be encouraged to talk to their parents at all times, especially when they need something or if they feel unwell or upset. This is also important at school; therefore, your children should also be encouraged to talk to their teachers.

However, it isn't always that easy. Yes, children can be shy, especially when entering new places with lots of different faces, and they might not feel confident enough to talk to people. So, make sure to tell your child that it is okay to ask their teachers questions and that they are allowed to talk to them whenever they want, just like at home.

2 Be Organized

Being organized is one of the key ingredients to a stress-free preschool experience, with teachers often advising parents to be hot on their organizational skills. For instance, before preschool, make sure that your kids have everything they need to start.

From the appropriate clothes, stationery, and pack lunches, to extra clothes, special toys, and anything else that they might need from home. Yes, all too often do parents forget that one special thing that their kids just can't do without. Then, you have to drive all the way home with a screaming child in the backseat and a headache that now just won't shift.

1 Relax

Your kids starting preschool for the first time can be a very stressful and often upsetting experience, especially if your kid is finding it difficult. It is only natural to want to scoop up your baby in your arms and take them away from the thing that is making them so upset in the first place, so don't be so hard on yourself if that is what you want to do.

However, sadly, no matter how much you want to do it, it really isn't the best idea. Teachers advise parents to just try and relax and to keep remembering that this feeling won't last forever.

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