Parenting Advice Podcast Asks Parents To ‘Raise Good Kids Not A**Holes’

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Lemonada is a podcast network run by women who just want to tell it like it is. Two women who connected through a loss, came together to build this easy going podcast series. So it's no surprise there, that their third podcast show, Good Kids: How Not To Raise An A**holehas officially launched. It is filled with parenting advice, stories, rants and things to reflect on. The goal is to help you, as a parent, raise good citizens for our society.

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Episodes are hosted by parents, teachers, and people who want to change the world. 15 minutes of your time, listening to this podcast, gives you insightful information from someone else's perspective. The light-hearted tone makes things easier to grasp. Speakers talk about their experiences, their children's experiences, and throw in what they've learned from it. It's comforting for most to know they are not alone.

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As you can tell by the title of the podcast, everyone is relaxed, and is just trying to spread realness, one episode at a time. The first episode talks about making your kids say thank you. Oh yes, making them, not helping them say it. The guest speaker tells us of the time she went to get ice cream with her kids, and they were misbehaving. They grabbed their ice cream and walked out. She was already frustrated with their behavior, that the lack of courtesy towards the clerk was the cherry-on-top for her. She threw out her kids' ice creams and told them their lack of gratitude was unacceptable. The children understood that they should've said thank you. People aren't there to serve them just because, and when connecting with someone it's important to make eye contact. Of course, people tend to judge the parents, when children are rude, so we feel insecure and demand that our kids change. We want to raise good little humans, no?

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Skipping to the fourth episode: How To See Rebellion as a Good Thing. Activist DeRay Mckesson hosted this one. Mckesson emphasized on the boundaries needed for children to make sound decisions. DeRay says that parents and guardians are easily stressed with kids' problems and want to come to the rescue. This is especially true, because we live in a society which fears suffering. Suffering is an indication that there is a need for a different perspective or change. If children are allowed to resolve certain issues on their own, in their own time, they will have a 'breakthrough,' which in turn, gives them the tools they need to face another similar problem. Also, this helps children to trust their intuition, and be independent in a healthy way.

Be sure to check out the podcast for more information, a new perspective, and a few laughs.

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