Twitter Is Explaining #ParentingIn5WordsOrLess, And It's So Funny

Advice, whether you ask for it or not, is a huge part of life as a parent. It starts even before you become a parent; it seems like parents always have advice to give. Sometimes it is actually something useful, sometimes it's totally off-base, and sometimes it's downright hilarious. Because parents find themselves constantly talking about what life is like as a parent, the Twitter hashtag #ParentingIn5Words has popped up. It is the most hilariously accurate representation of what parenthood is like; the good, the bad, and the messy.

For every parent who has a kid that's always hungry, we know the struggle all too well. The question "Didn't I just feed you?" seems to come out of our mouths more often than anything else. No matter how much you feed them, they're always rummaging around for something else.

Seriously. They will eat you out of house and home if you're not paying attention. Even the picky eaters seem to always want something. That's why moms tend to hide the good stuff, or eat it while the kids aren't looking. Because if we don't, it will be gone when we get to it. When it comes to food, it's every person for themselves.

Kids are cute yet unpredictable little creatures. They always seem to get into come sort of shenanigans, and then it's up to us to figure out just how things got to this point of insanity. Stains seem to pop up literally everywhere, especially on the kiddos. They can we oddly disgusting.

It also feels like you are constantly policing their mouths. Because little ones, especially, will stick whatever they find in there. Yes, exploration is normal, but not when they're sticking things like crayons, coins, or paper (seriously, so much paper) in their mouths. As soon as you see those little jaws moving, the panic is instantaneous.

No, but seriously, where do their pants go? You can have a kid who is completely dressed one minute, and then you blink and they're naked from the waist down. We don't know what kids have against pants (not that we can blame them) but we'd like to know where they disappear to.

No matter how much they may drive us up the wall, we wouldn't trade our kiddos in for anything. Except maybe a good night's sleep. But we'd probably miss them then too.

Being a parent is amazing, isn't it?

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