How To Cope With Parental Burnout, According To Experts

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Parental burnout is not just in your head, but the good news is there are ways to cope. According to the Association for Psychological Science, parental burnout is "an intense exhaustion that leads parents to feel detached from their children and unsure of their parenting abilities." This is a real thing and its effects are real too--both mom and her kids feel them.

What Is Parental Burnout?

Parental burnout can even turn into child neglect if things go too far. That is why it is so important to take steps to fight it or prevent it from happening to you. The good news is, you can totally do this.

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How Can I Cope With Parental Burnout?

According to the editors at Romper, there are clear steps that you can take to address some of the symptoms related to parental burnout. When you feel burnout coming on, act sooner instead of later.

First, get professional help if you can. Many parents have financial barriers to this one, but those who are at risk of harming themselves or their children must reach out for help immediately.

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Setting up a routine to best support your mental health is key. For example, parents might want to begin a weekly check-in to address the logistics of what needs to be done for the family. At this meeting, they can also discuss any personal needs for re-charge and connection. Single or separated parents might do best to do this in a journal or communicate with another loved one involved in helping with childcare.

Getting comfortable with allowing yourself to make mistakes and take short breaks can help too. There is a lot of pressure to be a perfect mom, and you're better off trying your best than pushing yourself too far so that you break down.

Parental Burnout Is Real & You Deserve Support

Surrounding yourself with other moms going through the same ups and downs of life is essential. If you don't have these connections in real life, online forums can also provide you with support.

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