This Smart Paper Towel Roll Activity Teaches Kids About Body Parts

We're rounding third base and heading into the homestretch here, friends. In just a few short weeks, our kids will bound out of those school doors, ready to live it up over summer break! We'd be lying if we said we weren't also excited for the school year to wrap up. It's been a long one, and we are ready for some relaxation and fun! But as much as we love summer break, we also get a bit stressed out by it. Because there's nowhere to send our kids to be looked after and entertained for 6-7 hours a day. They'll be here, with us ... the whole time. If you've got older kiddos, this could be good! They know how to keep themselves occupied (for the most part). But those of us with younger kids are going to need some backup. If you're looking for some easy and fun activities to keep your kids occupied and their brains active this summer, this is a good one! And all you need is empty cardboard paper towel rolls and a paper towel stand.

This fun and easy learning activity is brought to you by Raising Dragons, and it's great for the toddler-preschool set. Cut an empty paper towel into sections. Then, bust out the crayons and markers, and have your child draw different sections of the body on each portion of paper towel roll. You get the idea: head, chest and arms, tummy, legs, and feet. They can get really creative here, which is great. Have them draw two different body section on each portion of the cardboard roll (front and back). Then, grab the paper towel holder (the stand works best here), and have your child stack the portions of the roll to complete a whole person!

There are so many learning opportunities involved in this activity. It can be used to teach young kids about anatomy, and it can even help them communicate their often-complicated emotions (make one side happy and one side sad, for example). Plus, kids love stacking stuff, right? And they can get a little silly with it, too. Just imagine how hard your toddler will laugh when they stack the bum on the head, LOL. Having a few of these easy and fun activities on-hand during this summer can be a lifesaver!

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