Pair Care: 20 Self-Care Activities For Couples

Self-care is important for everyone. From taking warm bubble baths, to going on long walks, to finally making it to that yoga class (that always seems to be at the most inconvenient time) — there are so many ways we can take deeper care of ourselves these days. Everyone lives such busy lives and it seems like there is always one more thing to add to our to-do lists — even when we thought that we had everything under control.

It's easy to feel guilty and like we shouldn't take time for ourselves. This is especially true when we get married, get into a long-term relationship, or have kids (or are thinking about starting a family soon). The truth is that self-care is always going to be an amazing idea, and it's worth scheduling on a regular basis, no matter how packed our agendas are. Actually, it's fair to say that we need self-care when we're the busiest.

While there are many self-care activities that we can do alone, there are also many that we can do with our partners; activities that can bring us closer together.

These 20 self-care activities for couples are great baby steps for anyone who just needs to slow it down and take a breather. Enjoy each other's company and slow down time.

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20 To Feel More Connected: Have Breakfast Together

For many of us, breakfast is our favorite. Eggs, bacon, waffles... These foods are definitely delicious. It's possible, though, that when it comes to weekday or even weekend breakfasts, we might throw something together quickly and then rush out the door.

But why not make having breakfast with our partner a self-care priority?

This idea comes from someone who shared on Reddit that they like to do this for their own self-care: "My biggest self-care routine is making breakfast and watching the news this morning. It is just something that I find very calming and it sets the tone for my day."

This would work for couples, too, and would help couples feel more connected before a hectic work day.

19 To Be More Energetic And Feel Closer: Take A Yoga Class

The same person as above also shared on Reddit that they love yoga for self-care. They wrote, "Yoga has also become really incorporated into my life recently, as well as upping my physical activity."

Yoga is a staple of self-care for a reason: it's great for your mind, body, and soul; it's a really amazing break from a busy schedule. Yoga can also be a form of pair care.

There are many benefits for couples doing yoga together, whether doing couples yoga or just taking a class.

18 To Let Loose: Date Night

Date nights are an important part of a relationship and ensure that a couple is spending time together. They can also get a bit dull if you're always going to the same restaurant and ordering the same thing.

Thanks to this wife who posted on Reddit, we know about the concept of spontaneous date nights (which would be a great form of pair care). She wrote, "My husband, of 25 years, and I like to 'Flip the Town.' We flip a coin to make decisions on whether we head right or left, head into a pub, or bar, or bookstore or eat dinner at a certain place, taking turns flipping and picking the thing to be flipped on."

17 To Casually Catch Up: Do A Puzzle

Puzzles aren't just for children. Although, of course, many kids love nothing more than an afternoon and a new puzzle.

Doing a puzzle for self-care is an idea that comes from Reddit: "This is going to sound really boring, but jigsaw puzzles. Nothing too crazy 500 pieces sounds OK. You have plenty of time to talk, the activity can be stopped and restarted at any point."

Why should a couple try doing a puzzle together as a form of self-care? You and your partner can catch up in a casual way, chatting as you put the pieces together. It's also a fun activity that is different from what you might normally do.

16 To Talk Without Distractions: Go For A Walk Together

Going for a walk is one of the most relaxing things we can do. This is especially true if we drive everywhere; every day is the same: from our office to home to the supermarket. There is something calming about being outside and strolling around.

This is definitely something that we can do alone as a form of self-care, like this person  wrote on Reddit suggests. "Take up walking. I didn't even bother with headphones. I just headed out after dinner every evening and walked for an hour."

If you do this with your partner, you would get a chance to really talk about deep topics without the distraction of electronics. Fresh air can do wonders.

15 To Do Something Creative Together: Cook Dinner As A Team

Cooking dinner is super relaxing for some people and a nightmare for others. It's interesting how some people are whizzes in the kitchen and don't even break a sweat from standing over the stove and stirring for hours whereas others would rather go out for dinner any day.

Psychology Today suggests that if a couple is looking for self-care activities, one person can make a dish that the other one loves the most.

We can also cook dinner together as a form of pair care and we should do this because it shows that we care about having quality time with each other.

14 To Just Relax And Unwind: Movie Night

You know those days when all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch movie after movie? These tend to be more attractive when you've been working hard and really need a break.

This post on Reddit about watching a movie as a form of self-care is a great suggestion: "I have a comforter that I've owned since I was in middle school. When I'm feeling down, I like to snuggle under that on the couch, have a glass of wine and watch something that's just happy and lighthearted."

13 To Make Things Easier For The Other: Do Each Other's Chores

Running errands and doing chores around the house are definitely anything but fun. Sure, we can listen to a podcast that we love or call our mom and try to make the time more enjoyable, but scrubbing the bathroom floor or buying more toilet paper is never really going to be a good time.

As a form of pair care, we can do chores and errands for our partner when they look like they can use a little pick-me-up. They'll for sure return the favor one day. Everyone should try this at least once since it's a nice way to give a person a break when they really need it.

12 To Be At Peace: Picnic In The Park

Psychology Today suggests going to the park is a form of self-care that all couples can do. It's a wonderful idea.

This would make couples feel calmer and more at peace, so it's definitely something that couples should try at least once. And chances are they will love it and spend more time at their local park.

There are so many things to do at the park, from having a fun picnic, to reading, or walking around. If you have a dog then you're probably familiar with the park in your neighborhood, so why not take your partner, too?

11 To Rekindle: Weekend Getaway

Weekends when you're first dating are pretty magical. You wander around and spend hours in a park, trying out different restaurants or cafes, and just enjoying each other's company. That changes once you get into a more serious relationship and you become more comfortable with each other. This is why going for a little weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered.

Go somewhere the two of you haven't been in years or go somewhere new! Try out different breweries, stay out late, do silly things to rekindle your relationship and to feel young again.

10 To Keep The Flame Hot: Weekly Date Night

Many couples have weekly date nights; Thursday and  Friday evenings being the winners to split up the work week. Going on dates weekly proves that you really care about spending time together and that you want the relationship to thrive and grow and be successful.

Date nights are a form of pair care and a great way to chill out and take a break from your busy schedule. They're also a good way to ensure that you still see each other during busy periods. Even if you're both working late this week, you'll have Friday night together.

9 To Slow Down Time: Meet Up For Coffee

Lunch breaks can be a good way to spend time with your partner, so if it's possible, you two can meet for coffee and show that you're making each other a priority.

This is a nice way to spend some quality time together. Sure, you have to watch the clock and you both have to make it back to the office to finish off your work day, but that's okay. You can still chat and catch up and know that you got to spend time with your favorite person in the middle of your day, which is definitely very lucky.

8 To Feel Linked To Your SO: Hold Hands

Do you hold hands with your partners on a regular basis? It might not be something that you do anymore if you've been together for a long time (or maybe you do it all the time!), but it's a sweet gesture that can shift the mood.

First of all, holding hands can make us feel close to the person that we love and like we're always there for each other. Second of all, it counts as a self-care idea for couples.

If you hold hands when you go out together of when running errands, it's a way to make an ordinary errand more romantic.

7 To Bring Back The Romance: Recreate A Special Moment

You and your partner most likely had a date early on in your relationship that felt magical and romantic. The memory means a lot to both of you and while you've gotten serious and moved in together and committed more to each other, you might not have recreated that early date.

You CAN do that though, and it will also count as a form of self-care for both of you as a couple.

Couples should try this at least once because it's a good way to bring the romance back into your relationship. (Or if you're both super romantic—and super lucky—then it's a good way to keep being romantic.)

6 To Socialize: Group Dates

A double date can be a lot of fun (that is, if you pick the other couple carefully and they are people that you like spending time with!), and they count as another pair care idea.

Have a romantic evening with your partner while also getting some socializing in. This way you're knocking two birds with one stone. After all, it can be hard to find time to see our friends as often as we did before we coupled up, so this is a good way to socialize and see our partner, too.

5 To Unwind Together: Hangout At Home

It's a dilemma that many couples experience: they each have a new book that they've been wanting to read, but it's Saturday and they want to spend time with each other, since they've had busy weeks and need some quality time.

Couples can hangout and read together so they're still with each other but each doing something they want to do. It's a nice pair care idea and will be a really nice way to spend the day. Who doesn't want an entire afternoon off to read a good book while also spending time with their person?

4 To Try Something New: New Experiences

Someone suggested this date night idea on Reddit: "Buy a lesson in a common interest that neither of you are good at. Cooking, drums, pottery, singing, hoops, whatever."

Trying something new as a couple is always going to be interesting. It'll be good to have a new experience together and make some memories, and spending time together doing something out of the ordinary is never a bad idea. Even if we're not so sure about the activity or lesson that we're taking part in, chances are we'll have at least a little bit of fun.

3 To Feel Appreciated: Check In Even When You're Busy

Life is busy and it can be difficult to spend as much time with the person that we love as we want to. This is even true when we're living with someone. Sure, we can have breakfast and dinner together, but what if we're working late this week? What if we've got plans with friends or family and seem to be two ships passing in the night these days?

Making it a point to spend one hour together every single day is not only a form of self-care for couples but it's going to be the best thing that we can do for our relationship.

We should do this to check in with each other even when we're busy.

2 To Be In The Moment: Lazy Weekend Mornings

The way that this couple spends their weekends sounds pretty dreamy and we know about it thanks to this post on Reddit: "Weekends: Mornings are spent laying in bed until late morning 9 or 10 AM talking about random things. Then we get up and either go see a movie, shop, or get coffee."

It's always going to be a good idea to spend a lazy weekend morning with your partner. It's going to be relaxing, a form of self-care, and is a good opportunity to talk, plan, or even go back to sleep.

1 To Remember How It All Started: Clear Your Schedules

In the early days of a relationship, it's easy to spend an entire day together. You don't even need a game plan. Go for breakfast, walk around, browse some stores, make each other laugh... You pretty much do this on repeat for the entire day.

Another idea for pair care would be to clear your schedules and spend a whole day together. This will allow you both to remember why (or how) you fell in love.

Sure, you know that you love each other and that things are good, but your days get busy and it can be easy to forget the first days of falling in love. With this day off together, you'll be more in love than ever.

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