Family Upset After Told To Leave Restaurant Because Of Child With Special Needs

One family has been left devastated when a quiet family meal turned into public shaming. According to WJLA, the Brauns were eating at an Outback Steakhouse restaurant in Glen Burnie, Maryland, with their son Killian on Saturday night. The tot was born with a neurological disorder that impacts his speech, making it difficult for him to communicate clearly at times. Despite having dined out with her son previously with no problems, the family was approached by a manager and asked to leave.

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Posted by Amanda Jean Braun on Monday, August 5, 2019

Killian's mom Amanda told reporters that she couldn't understand why they were kicked out of the eatery. They were seated in an area at the back of the restaurant with few patrons around them. Although she's quick to say that Killian was making some noise, Amanda insists it wasn't constant or overbearing. Moments after the food reached the table, the manager approached the family, as the staff had received complaints. "He said that he was very uncomfortable coming to our table to tell us that but unfortunately we needed to finish our meals and leave," explains Amanda.

The Brauns left, angry and hurt. Now the situation has settled in, Amanda says she is "left with sadness for my son and his future struggles of being in public." When the restaurant chain was approached for comment, they apologized for the incident and admitted they "fell short." In a gesture of goodwill, Outback Steakhouse offered them $20 in credit for their next visit. Amanda and her family aren't going to take them up on it, as they don't want to risk putting Killian in that kind of situation again.

Amanda shared her story on Facebook, and it wasn't long before it started to gain traction. At the time of writing, the post has been shared over 5.6k times. While Outback is certainly not a place the Braun family want to patronize again in a hurry, Amanda hopes that getting the incident out there will help educate others who may not know how to interact with children who have special needs. The eatery has also offered to donate to an organization that works with Killian as an apology.

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