Kids Can Get A Free Plush Pup At Target For Trading In This Old Toy

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For parents who often shop at Target but end up buying more things than they can budget, we’ve got some good news for you: the Minneapolis-based retailer is offering free plush pups at their This is Our Generation event in stores nationwide. But you will have to act fast, as it will only happen for just one day.

Kids can bring their Our Generation doll to any participating Target store to choose their free limited-edition 6-inch plush to adopt as their own. The event will be held on September 8 from 10am to 7pm. But you won’t be able to just walk in a store and claim your pup. Instead, you have to register by August 27 to secure your spot.

Clearly, Target is trying to avoid the Build-A-Bear fiasco that occurred over the summer. The company offered a special “pay your age” rate for one day only, meaning that fans could pay $2 for a Build-A-Bear if they are 2-years-old or $10 if they are 10. Unfortunately, there were long lines at Build-A-Bear locations nationwide, and the company could not keep up with the demand, forcing many unlucky fans and parents to go home without a bear. It was considered one of the biggest retail disastrous of the summer.

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With the plush pups though, Target is hoping to avoid a similar fiasco by making sure that parents register in advance. And when you register, you’ll also be entered for a chance to win more than $200 worth of Our Generation products. But that’s not all. As another added bonus, Our Generation fans will also get an additional 15 percent off on Our Generation products at Target during the event.

In other words, your child will be able to buy all of the accessories he or she needs for their new furry pup. Some items include grooming brushes, food and water dishes, a cozy bed and more. There’s also a grooming salon set, which includes a grooming mitten, brush, apron, hair clipper.

If that weren’t enough, Our Generation also offers a vet clinic playset with 56 pieces. This set includes a waiting room, patient files, a working cork board, kennels and a working light box for x-rays.

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