Freeze Pop Fans Are Angry After Popular Brand Ditches Artificial Coloring

No matter what you call them — freezies, freezer pops, freeze pops, ice pops, etc — those yummy, colorful and flavorful ice pops that you buy in the long plastic tube are synonymous with summer. Kids love to head to the freezer and grab a cool treat after playing outside in the hot sun, and freezer pops are affordable enough for parents to always keep their freezer stocked for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.

Most kids tend to have a color of ice pops they like the best. Whether it's the red or the orange or the purple, kids tend to ask for their ice pop by color instead of flavor. However, popular ice pop brand Otter Pops is putting an end to that now that they've ditched the artificial colors, but not everyone is happy about it.

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Although the ice pops still come in a variety of flavors, some people are upset that those flavors can no longer be identified by their bright colors. According to Food Beast, the new pops are made with 100% fruit juice, mostly an apple juice concentrate as well as sugar and citric acid for flavor.  But just because they aren't bright colors anymore doesn't mean they still don't have the same flavors as before like Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Strawberry Short Kook, Sir Isaac Lime and Alexander the Great.

While many fans were thrilled that the company has decided to eliminate artificial colors, others were less than thrilled to know they would no longer be able to grab their favorite color from the freezer. "But my purple tongue...," wrote one commenter. "U DARE DO SUCH THING," wrote another who is clearly unimpressed. Others couldn't believe the company would remove the color, leaving each frozen pop the color of a mixture of pale apple juice.

"No one asked for this."

"Sad ness."

"Wait! What? I love my green-colored Sir Isaac Lime!"

"Give me my orange back!"

"R u getting rid of all the colors?"

Others admitted the move away from artificial dyes was a better more health-wise, but wished the new Otter Pops simply looked better.

If the new dye-free Otter Pops aren't for you, don't worry. The company is still selling the original version.

According to FoodBeast the new Otter Pops are currently only available at Costco's in California, Oregon, and Washington for now. Will you give them a try?

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