Oreo Just Released A Creme-filled Egg & Yes Please

Oreo creme eggs

You no longer have to wait for Easter to enjoy the creamy deliciousness of a creme egg! Cadbury introduced chocolate and candy lovers to the Easter Creme Egg years ago, and now, just in time for the holidays, Oreo is introducing their very own creme egg. The Oreo creme-filled eggs with cookie pieces are here and available at Walmart.

The chocolate eggs are filled with a combination of Oreo's delectable cream filling combined with yummy, crunchy oreo cookie bits. Not only do the eggs sound delicious but they're also perfectly festive, wrapped in beautiful blue and silver foil. Each package comes with five eggs and retails for just $3.48 at Walmart, which means they're affordable enough to buy everyone their very own package.

Oreo creme eggs
Credit: Walmart

According to one Instagrammer, the eggs aren't as smooth and creamy in the middle as one might expect, but had more of a 'solid consistency.' It is understandable given how creamy other creme eggs are that people might expect something different before giving these a try, but they still definitely look worth checking out, especially if you're an Oreo lover!

Some Oreo fans can't help but sing their praises enough, and want everyone to know that they should be stocking up immediately!

Oreo is definitely upping their holiday treat game this year! Not only are they now offering the creme-filled eggs with cookie pieces, but Michaels is also selling a Cookies United Oreo Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Kit! Many parents love putting together gingerbread houses with the whole family, and this Oreo cookie house kit takes it to the next level. The kit comes with pre-baked cookie pieces for the walls and roof as well as icing, Oreo cookies, Oreo mini cookies, fruity gummies, and candy jewels to decorate your house with!

oreo cookie house
Credit: Michaels

Sometimes holiday treats can get a bit boring so it's exciting to see some new products available. We all know that Santa loves to get some cookies and milk under the tree on Christmas Eve, but something tells us he wouldn't mind getting a couple of Oreo creme eggs instead, at least just to try!

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