You Can Now Buy A Crocs-Inspired Handbag

Fashion can be pretty weird. There are trends that catch on that we would never in a million years have pegged as being popular. And then there are those trends or brands that become something of a cult favorite, almost as a joke or without any explanation at all. You know what we're talking about, right? You'll flip open a fashion magazine and see something on the models that you've only ever seen on kids at your child's preschool or find them wearing an item of clothing that has been something of an inside joke between you and your mom friends.

One of the best examples of this in recent memory has been Crocs. Of course you know what Crocs are! They're your go-to shoes for your kids in the summer, or the ones you wear around the house and in the backyard. They're comfy and functional, but stylish they are not. However, at some point in the the last couple of years, Crocs became super cool. High fashion brands included them in their spring lines. Custom Crocs with platforms or jewels were popping up all over the place. There was even a pair of (admittedly cute) Croc high-heeled shoes. Last summer, Crocs announced they were shutting down their manufacturing plant, but that hasn't stopped the Croc Train from barreling along. Now, you can even carry around a Crocs-inspired handbag. We have to say, this thing isn't half bad!

crocs handbag
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You guys, IT LOOKS LIKE A CROCS SHOE. Allow us to introduce you to the Optari Sol Tote, the Crocs-inspired handbag. You can find this bad boy on Amazon, and it retails for $19.99-24.99. The company describes it as a lightweight bag for little girls or mom, or even a beach tote. We can totally see that - no sand! Plus it's waterproof and easy to clean. The handbag is made of durable and sturdy EVA material (just like the shoes), and the best part is it's designed to stand up.

So your Crocs bag won't tip over at the beach or park. It comes in two sizes - a small handbag and a large shoulder bag or tote. And yes, just like the Crocs you wear on your feet, it can be customized with those little snap-on charms.

Image: Amazon

While it's not exactly our style, we can totally see rocking this Crocs-inspired handbag or tote this summer! When you have kids, it's all about functionality, and clearly this bag is made for convenience. So wear your Crocs on your shoulder and not your feet this summer!

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