Operation Santa Such A Success, Post Office Now Asking For More Letters From Kids In Need

Santa's helpers work at the post office, and they want to spread even more cheer this holiday season. Thousands of letters to Santa are directed through the U.S. Postal Service each year, and this season, workers are making sure that kids' wishes come true. They created a special Operation Santa program, where they upload the sweet messages from children and let people sponsor them to give them a Christmas present.

The first big batch of letters went up last week, and the program has been so successful, that they are already soliciting more so that as many kids as possible can have a merry Christmas.

We say it's the best use of letters to Santa since they dropped them off at the courthouse in "Miracle on 31st Street." We're not surprised that all of the letters were adopted so quickly.

Child mailing letter to Santa
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Lots of families like to give back at the holidays and help others who might be struggling. But sometimes it can seem daunting to follow regulations for organizations like the Salvation Army, since you might need a decent-sized budget to take care of a kid's wants and needs. But the USPS program allows people to choose their gift, which means that they can find one to match their budget.

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Plus, we all get some nostalgia in thinking about our own letters to Santa. Seeing the wishes from youngsters — and the way that they greet Santa and Rudolph and promise to be good — gives us all the feels and brings us back to our own childhood.

We imagine that postal workers used to feel helpless at the holidays. They would get those letters to Santa — bestowing so many hopes and dreams and wishes — and they have a direct route to the North Pole. That meant that they couldn't do much to help out their customers.

This new program allows them to do the good deeds and make the connections at Christmas that they get to do throughout the year. They are delivering the hopes of dreams of kids this holiday season, and they won't let rain nor sleet nor snow stop them.

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