Only Young Moms In The US Can Relate To These 20 Things

Mothers traditionally don’t have an easy time of it, but previous generations managed to dodge the current situation that young moms in the modern world find themselves stuck in.

Instead of simply fretting about the usual concerns, such as whether or not to feed a baby formula from a bottle, moms today have to worry about subjects like that as well as things such as the high cost of the hospital stay during delivery and finding a baby sitter that won’t break the bank. Moms today also have less time to spend at home because young folks today have to work longer hours.

For example, The Guardian points out that it can cost at least $23,000 for a hospital stay if a mother doesn’t have any hiccups during the delivery, although it can cost up to $50,000 and even more if they have to have a cesarean in order to introduce their little one to the world.

Pop Sugar adds that young moms today that were unlucky enough to enter the job market right before the Recession often earn nine percent less than their coworkers that had their jobs before.

From healthcare costs to preservatives in store-bought baby food, this list looks at all of the topics that modern moms have on their minds.

20 Working Three Jobs


Pop Sugar points out that young mothers have it a lot harder than any of the previous generations that came before them due to the fact that they often have to work more than one job in order to make ends meet.

Working more than one job can be extremely tiring, and then adding in the fact that these folks have to go home and help raise a child, it can be utterly exhausting. So much that young mothers often feel tempted to put toothpicks on their eyelids in order to keep themselves from falling asleep in the middle of their job.

19 Finding Jobs With An Advanced Degree


Pop Sugar adds that young mothers in this day and age are very well-educated since many of them attended college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Some even went on to graduate school in order to get their master’s degree or, depending on their field, continued their studies in the hopes of getting a PhD.

The downside to this is that the job market isn’t exactly all that great right now. There are some employers that want to cut costs by hiring the cheapest employees and they don’t want to spend the extra money by upping the pay to hire someone with an advanced degree, which makes everything very competitive.

18 Low Pay


CNBC points out that many moms today are concerned about the low pay they are getting if they are lucky enough to even find steady employment without having to turn to things like dog walking or baby sitting on the side in order to supplement their income.

Young people today make far less than their parents did at the same age and most, if not all, are saddled with a high amount of student loan debt. One consequence of having low wages is that young mothers will often have to ask their parents to help them pay rent or purchase clothes for their child.

17 Constantly Fretting Over Your Smartphone's Battery


BabyGaga writes that many young women grew up in the age of technology, including smartphones. This means that they rely on it for both work and entertainment.

One downside of our society being so wrapped up in our smartphones is that the battery can drain pretty quickly, especially if you’re running certain apps. When that happens, many mothers start frantically looking for either their portable charger or the nearest outlet so that they can stay connected to their child and won’t have to fret that their little one will try to call or text them when their phone is out.

16 Fretting Over Getting Health Insurance


Market Watch adds that young mothers often have to worry about being able to a) re-enroll in health insurance if they don’t get insured through their employers, which is quickly becoming a relic of the past and b) trying to navigate the open enrollment in order to get health insurance for themselves and their children.

Time adds that it doesn’t help because the country’s health insurance system is ranked the lowest in the developed world and it is very expensive. Moms today also have to worry about gaps in coverage for both themselves and their children, which can be quite irritating if you have a little one that needs special medical care.

15 Finding A Reputable Baby Sitter That Won't Break The Bank


Parents notes that another source of concern for many young mothers in the U.S. is the high cost of babysitters nowadays. When they were growing up, it was quite common for high school kids to make a bit of side cash baby-sitting their siblings, cousins and their neighbor’s younger children.

Given the fact that young moms nowadays are very safety conscious, it is becoming rare to see teens watching younger children and parents shelling out the big bucks in order to pay for a sitter that they can be assured has all of the necessary qualifications and required years of experience.

14 Dealing With Helicopter Grandparents


The Huffington Post adds that another source of tense nerves stems from the parents of the young mothers. When those mothers were children, it was quite common for their parents to hover over them and make sure that they never stepped a foot out of line just in case something happened.

Many Millennial moms have a different idea on parenting, and if the grandparents start acting like a helicopter with their grandchildren, that could be a source of tension amongst the family—especially if the grandparents start lecturing them about how their newfangled methods aren’t going to work in the long-term.

13 Not Having A Long Maternity Leave


The Washington Post writes that the U.S. is one of the very few countries that doesn’t have it set down in stone that mothers are guaranteed a paid maternity leave. Sure, there’s the Family and Medical Leave Act that allows eligible workers time off to care for their newborn, but they sure don’t get paid during this time period.

The fact that there’s no law about guaranteed paid maternity leave can really make young mothers today fret, especially if they’d much rather be a stay-at-home mom but their finances urge them to go back to work ASAP.

12 Less Time At Home


Pop Sugar writes that one downside of the current economy is that young mothers in this day and age have to work longer hours for less pay, which means that they have to make do with less time at home with their child. This also means that they might not be able to cheer them on at a baseball game or a school play because they are still stuck at work.

Being a mother has never been a cakewalk, but young mothers nowadays have far more hurdles in front of them that they have to overcome than the previous generations that have come before them.

11 Trying To Slow Down In A High-Speed Society


Pop Sugar adds that modern society is often fast paced and it can make many young mothers feel as if they have to rush around and try to scratch off all the items on their to-do list.

For example, young mothers might have to come home from work and even if they are feeling tired, they still have to run out to the grocery store because their child told them at the last minute that they ran out of milk or they try to cram some much-needed family time, their kid’s extracurricular activities and relaxing at home in the all-too-short weekend time.

10 Constantly Monitoring Your Child's Social Media


I grew up in the time when the Internet was first becoming really popular and even though my parents trusted me to make smart decisions online, they used the parental controls to restrict my younger sister’s Internet time.

Parenting points out that technology and the Internet have grown in leaps and bounds since I was a teenager. Nowadays, many moms are worried about what their child does when they’re online, especially since their little ones grew up with this technology and could easily find ways around any parental controls that the adults in their life attempted to implement in order to keep an eye on them.

9 Fretting Over Which Car Seat Is Safest


BabyGaga writes that many young moms are concerned about their child’s safety in the car, especially when it comes to purchasing a car seat for their infant or their toddler.

Previous generations of mothers weren’t quite as strict in terms of car safety and it was fairly common back in the day to see kids sitting on top of a stack of phone books or even lying down on the floor of the car during a road trip. Nowadays, this sort of behavior wouldn’t fly because many moms want to do whatever it takes to make sure that they buy the sturdiest car seat for their child.

8 Teaching Children About Gender Neutrality


Sure, it is common to still walk into a clothing store and see baby clothes in the stereotypical themes of blue for boys and pink for girls, but BabyGaga writes that this trend is slowly fading because it is being replaced by young parents that are concerned about gender-neutrality.

One aspect of raising a gender-neutral child is that young moms eschew the traditional blue/pink scheme for infants and dress them in clothing filled with both colors. As their child grows older and starts playing with toys, their mothers will purchase items that range from trendy toy cars to Barbie dolls.

7 Scouring Stores For All-Organic Food


Romper writes that young moms are eschewing the traditional canned baby food that anyone can pick up at the local grocery store because they are concerned about the amount of preservatives in it or if the company uses organic ingredients to make it.

Instead, many mothers are opting to create their own homemade baby food and making sure to purchase ingredients that are 100 percent organic so that way, there are no surprises and they can control what goes into their child’s meal. It is far more time consuming, but it gives moms today some much needed peace of mind.

6 Buying A New Crockpot Online Because Yours Broke


Mommyish adds that since most mothers in this day and age are so busy, they often turn to popular appliances such as the crockpot in order to make making dinner for their family a heck of a lot easier. After all, who wants to deal with stoves and the like when you can simply use a crockpot?

The downside to this is that it can be nerve-wracking when your crockpot decides to break down and you either need to run to the computer so that you can order it online and have it rushed-deliver it so it will arrive the next day.

5 Whether Or Not Your Insurance Will Cover A Lactation Consultant


Romper points out that lactation consultants are not usually covered by a young mother’s health insurance and that means that they have to pay out of pocket if they need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to breastfeeding their newborn baby. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but this is pretty much standard across the board.

The downside to this profession not being covered by one’s insurance is that a good lactation consultant often costs a pretty penny, which makes new moms fret about the price tag and how it will affect their bank account if they do wind up deciding to spring for one.

4 The Price Of A Hospital Stay For The Birth Of Your Child


The Guardian notes that young moms are justified about the high cost of giving birth in this particular country because the entire process is just so expensive when you compare it to other places.

One 2013 study reveals that a birth that went smoothly and the cost of newborn care combined was about $23,093. That price tag goes up if a mother is unlucky and the entire process has a few hiccups. Insurance will cover some of the bills, but that doesn’t mean much since new parents still have to pay some of it in the form of co-pays, deductibles and reimbursed services.

3 Wondering When To Introduce Your Child To Smartphones


One Country points out that it can be confusing and nerve wracking for young moms to decide on what the appropriate age is in order to introduce their child to technology like tablets and smartphones.

Some moms are totally blasé about it and feel that swapping regular toddler books for interactive e-books will give their child a leg up from their peers while others are worried that their little ones will get too wrapped up in it and won’t learn how to deal with boredom as they get older since they learned from a young age that a tablet will keep them constantly entertained.

2 If Your Child's Classmates Are Vaccinated


BabyGaga writes that while it might seem difficult for some people to believe, there are some parents out there that are hesitant to get their child vaccinated for one reason or another. This is a stark contrast to the previous generations that had no qualms about following the doctor’s advice for a traditional vaccination schedule.

For young moms that make sure to keep their child up-to-date on all their vaccinations, the vaccine-hesitant crowd can give one pause because you can’t be 100 percent sure that your child’s classmates won’t come down with something contagious because their parents dilly-dallied when it came to getting the usual childhood shots.

1 Fretting Over How Expensive Houses And Apartments Are Nowadays


BabyGaga notes that young moms often fret about how expensive houses and apartments are—especially if they live in metropolitan areas that are currently experiencing a shortage.

For example, my parents’ new neighbors are the proud young parents of two little girls and the only reason why they were able to afford the house next to my mom and dad’s place is due to the fact that the mother’s older brother has a lot of money and he teamed up with their dad to help his sister purchase a house. If he didn’t do that, then they likely would have had to continue renting an apartment in the neighborhood. The houses in that area often get sold for no less than a million dollars, and even a decent apartment can cost anywhere from $1,400 to $2,000 in rent.

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