Only Toddlers Can Get Away With These 20 Things

Everyone loves toddlers. Even when they're being completely crazy and throwing a fit, they still somehow look absolutely adorable. They're so tiny and inexperienced, full of wonder and excitement -- yet, there are so many things they just don't understand yet.

Some of those things may include how it may not be a good idea to smear paint all over the television or throw themselves on the ground when they are mad. Or let's not forget the classic getting stuck after sticking their heads through the porch bars.

Toddlers are in a weird phase where they're not babies, but not quite kids. When a newborn cries in public, most people will look at you sympathetically. Even though it can be a slight annoyance to those around you, most people expect babies to cry. When your toddler throws a fit in public, it's a totally different deal. Though you might sometimes get some shady looks from people around you, those that know how toddlers operate know that it's not a reflection of your parenting skills. Toddlers will be toddlers!

There are some things that toddlers do that, no matter how horrible it is, you just can't stay mad. How can you keep a straight face when you're laughing your butt off? Let's take a look at 20 things only toddlers can get away with.

20 Why Sit On It When You Can Get In It?

Toddler In Toilet
via ReallyKidFriendly.com

This is truly something that only toddlers can get away with. Just imagine if you saw a grown adult doing this. How would you react? You would probably be pretty weirded out. Yet for a toddler, it's completely normal; it's hilarious but totally expected. You'll give them a bath, brush their teeth, and give them a big kiss and a hug.

Given the chance, I'm pretty sure all of them would do this at least once. They're the kings and queens of exploring everything, no matter how disgusting or dangerous. You'd be amazed at how quickly they can get into trouble.  If I had a dollar for every time my son attempted to get inside the toilet, I'd be rich!

19 Getting Stuck In Hilarious Scenarios

Leave it to a toddler to get stuck in a hilarious, awkward scenario. This darling girl has a plastic play chair stuck on her head. We don't know how they do it, but it sure is cute, and at times, scary. While you're wiping away your tears from laughing, you somehow have to figure out how to get your toddler out of their predicament safely.

Think of an object - any object. I bet you anything a toddler has somehow gotten stuck in it before. Pickle jars, gates, toys, and apparently - chairs. As long as it's not serious, it's always a good laugh.

18 Falling Asleep Anywhere

Via: YouTube

Seriously, a toddler's ability to fall asleep anywhere is magical. How do they even do that? Sometimes it takes me a good 45 minutes to fall asleep, even after chasing little ones around all day. Toddlers can pass out in the most uncomfortable, random positions. It truly is a gift.

It's the best when you find them like this sweet boy, who, more than likely was protesting just a few minutes before about how he "wasn't tired". Well, that and when they fall asleep eating. It wouldn't be nearly as cute if an adult passed out during lunch. Toddlers can get away with so much!

This little girl just couldn't keep her eyes open while eating her pizza and the whole ordeal was caught on camera and posted on YouTube.

17 Getting More Food On Themselves Than In Their Mouths

Toddler Messy Eating
via Mumfidential.com

While there's nothing cuter than a toddler falling asleep while eating, getting food all over themselves is a close second. Sure, cleaning them up is a bummer, but pictures like this are more than worth it. Those memories are priceless!

You got to love how they don't think anything of it. Just another regular old lunch, with yogurt in their hair and peas on their forehead. Nothing to look at here. In fact, they want it there! Have you ever tried wiping a toddler's face? Yeah, it's not for the faint-hearted. I would rather give my cat a bath.

16 Wearing Hilarious Outfits Just Because

Toddler Dressed Like A Taco
via CircleofMoms.com

Who says it has to be Halloween to dress up? Not toddlers! Whether they put on cute costumes themselves for playtime, or you do it just for the laughs and pictures, no one can pull it off quite like them. Princesses, superheroes, even tacos - they're all just too cute!

The pictures you get are priceless. Just think of all of the future girlfriends and boyfriends you can show them to. All of the scrapbook pages they can fill! I've been known to buy outfits at random points throughout the year. I'll dress my son up in them once, take a ton of pictures, and pack them away to gather dust at the back of his closet.

15 Getting Stuck Doing... Who Knows?

Via: Pinterest

Who knows why toddlers do what they do. Just look at this cutie. This is the exact move my son pulls all of the time. It doesn't matter how often he gets stuck and cries for help, he'll get right back up and try again.

The toddler years are for figuring out what you can and can't physically do. It's adorable because they just have no idea what they're getting themselves into. What is gravity, anyway? How else will they figure out that putting their feet up on the coffee table while face down on the couch probably isn't a good idea?

14 Throwing A Fit Until You Get To Eat In The Store

Toddler Eating In The Store
via Popsugar.com

They really do know how to pull on your heartstrings, huh? Or, you know, make a gigantic scene until you give in. There's nothing worse than when your toddler throws a fit in the grocery store. Seriously, there are some days where I would give anything to just shop in peace. You want my box of tampons, sure! A donut? You got it, buddy! If I'm able to check things off my grocery list without hearing screaming, it's a win.

Who can blame them, really? They're surrounded by boxes of sugary goodness, chips, pouches, and fruit. If I shop while hungry, I go about $100 over budget. I understand the struggle.

13 Coloring On The Walls

Toddler Coloring On The Wall
via megduerksen.typepad.com

Possibly the most frustrating things toddlers do - drawing on walls. It's horrible, not just because it costs a ton of money (or hours of your life scrubbing walls), but because you don't want to dim their shine. How do you foster creativity while simultaneously telling a three-year-old that drawing on the walls is one of the worst things they could have done?

"Honey, this is beautiful! But you just cost Mommy and Daddy their entire weekend and about $130 in cleaning supplies and new paint." It's hard to be mad when they look so proud and happy. Isn't mom life great?

12 Making Stickers A Fashion Statement

Toddler Wearing Stickers
via Babyology.com

Look at that sweet little face! No one can pull off stickers like a toddler. And they don't just want them all over their faces! No, no no. They want you to rock them too. My son thinks it's hilarious. "Here, Mama. Here!"

Again, it's hilarious to think about what the world would be like if adults carried on the way toddlers do. How funny would it be to see an adult at a business meeting with unicorn and Disney stickers all over their faces and arms? Somehow I doubt it would be very cute. Or, at least, not as cute as this little boy.

11 Throwing Tantrums Over Dinner

Via: Welcome to the Woods

Imagine being invited to dinner by a colleague or acquaintance. They spend an hour or two carefully planning out a delicious, nutritious meal, only for you to throw a fit once presented with your plate. "I don't like chicken. That looks gross. I want cereal!"

Yeah, something tells me they wouldn't invite you over for dinner again.

When your child does it, it might make you want to never invite them over for dinner again, but it's not an option. Plus, most of us are so worried about whether or not they're getting the nutrition they need that we're willing to plead with them and make deals. Now that's love!

10 ... And In Public

Toddler Tantrum In Store
via TheEpochTimes.com

Don't you just love when your toddler completely loses it in public? Oh, the old "I'm-not-happy-with-what's-happening-so-I'm-going-to-throw-myself-down-on-the-ground" trick. It's just the best... especially when you're in the middle of a conversation with someone that you don't know very well. Someone who doesn't have kids themselves, so they have no idea that it's not your parenting skills, it's just the way toddlers are.

Only they can be so rude and inconsiderate and still have people laugh it off like "yeesh, someone's cranky. What a cutie pie!" I wish people would be that forgiving when I lose my cool in public. Instead, it's viewed as "inappropriate," or "immature". Toddlers live the best life.

9 Rocking Their Shoes On The Wrong Feet

Via: Babble

One of the cutest, most innocent moments ever - when your child wears their shoes on the wrong feet. People debate on whether or not you should correct them every time, but at the end of the day, can't we all just be excited that they're putting on their own shoes?

Let them wear their shoes on the wrong feet for a little bit, unless they're in pain. They can only get away with wearing them this way for a short period of time before it's no longer acceptable and adorable. Especially when it comes to Crocs. They can only wear those for a short time, period.

8 Crying When Things Are In Their Way

Via: Pinterest

This happens to everyone at one point or another. Toddlers just don't seem to understand how this works. They're dead set on moving something, and they completely lose it when things don't go their way.

Just look at this sweet boy. He simply cannot understand why in the world the chair isn't moving forward. He clearly had big plans with that dining chair. Who knows what kind of trouble he was looking to get into, but he sure looks disappointed that it's not working out the way he had hoped. How dare that dog be in his way! It's so cute and so sad, all at once.

7 Renovating The Home Without Checking With Family First

Via: Pinterest

No one likes coming home to a rearranged, renovated home without warning. So just imagine how these parents felt when their sons took it upon themselves to repaint the television and floors without their consent. And they really did miss a lot of spots. They totally should have checked with the other family members first and asked for help when they needed it. It looks like they ran out of paint before fully covering the television. Amateur work if I've ever seen it!

But in all seriousness, it's hard to be mad when they look so silly and adorable. Just look at that little smile! He has no idea what he's just done.

6 Making Improvements To The Family Dog

Via: Pinterest

You know, this one I get. Their family dog doesn't look nearly as colorful as he should. And honestly, this little boy did a pretty good job. Look at those cool stripes on his snout, and the circle around his eye. What a creative little artist!

I would think that I'd get some pretty strange looks from my husband if he came home to me crouched down, coloring my dogs in with magic markers. My son, on the other hand, can do it and no one will bat an eye. It's pretty unfair if you ask me!

5 Drinking Straight Off The Counter

Via: Fitte Vrouwen

I would have to be pretty thirsty to drink straight off the counter, or to enjoy a nice bowl of milk before cleaning up the puddle of milk at my feet. But that's what makes being a toddler so fun! They don't worry themselves with small spills (or big ones), and they certainly don't let it get in the way of enjoying it, no matter how much dust or hair is in their drink.

You gotta love it. Their innocence and inexperience with pouring drinks and cereal is just too cute. It's definitely worth breaking out the mop and bucket.

4 Eating An Entire Jar Of Jam In Bed

Toddler Eating Jam
via BoredPanda.com

I suppose you don't have to be a toddler to do this, but it would be pretty embarrassing if you were caught. You should probably feel a little shameful either way. Jam is good, I totally get it. But is it worth the stomach ache and all the laundry you'd have to do to get it out of your sheets?

This is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen. I honestly wouldn't be able to be mad at all. I would definitely be concerned though. Just imagine the stomach ache he's going to wake up with. But this is a fridge picture if I've ever seen one!

3 Playing Strange Games

Toddler Playing Weird Game
via BoredPanda.com

Can you imagine locking your friend in a dog crate as a game? Kids' imaginations are wild, and their ability to make anything fun is actually pretty amazing. I wish I had the creativity that my son has. Give kids a spoon, some glitter glue, and construction paper and they'll make things you would never be able to think of.

At least the younger sister in the picture looks like she's not too upset about being locked up. As long as a parent is nearby to keep an eye on things, no harm no foul I guess! Anything to keep them happy and busy.

2 Faking Sleep When They've Done Something Wrong

Toddler Faking Sleep
via BoredPanda.com

The mom who took this picture claims that her 2-year-old daughter was opening up all of her lollipops instead of sleeping. When she went to go check on her, she ran to her bed and pretended to be asleep so she wouldn't have to face her mom. It's just about the funniest thing I've seen all year. You got to love how she's still holding a lollipop in her hand, too.

It's amazing how sneaky kids can be, and it's not even a learned trait. It's just something they do! She was able to figure out in her head that if she pretended to be asleep, her mom wouldn't be able to scold her yet. Too bad she's not a very good liar, huh?

1 Taking One Bite Of Everything

Toddler Taking One Bite of Everything
via BoredPanda.com

What mother doesn't love opening up her chocolate stash, only to find that every piece of candy has a big slobbery bite taken out of it? While it's extremely annoying, it's also a hilarious reminder that you have little ones in the house. This has happened to me a few times, and according to my parents, I used to take all of the saltine crackers out of the pack, lick the salt off and put them back in the wrapper. Disgusting, I know.

As gross as it is, it's almost sad when you think about how one day, you'll open your chocolate stash and there won't be a single bite taken out, because your kids are all grown and have their own kids eating their chocolate.

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