Only Rich Kids Can Get Away With These 20 Things

Kids can tell when their classmates or friends come from wealthier families than they do, and it can feel pretty strange. I went to several private schools growing up and had friends who were super rich, and sometimes visiting their mansions did bring up a lot of emotions. These friends always had every new toy and every snack food that any child would dream of having, but besides being a bit envious of that stuff, I was totally fine to go home to my home and my amazing parents.

It's true that while money is definitely important and some people do care a lot about having the finer things in life, having money can change the way that kids grow up. In fact, it makes a lot of kids and teenagers act pretty spoiled, and that can bring up a lot of problems.

Parents want to raise their children to be polite and do the right thing and appreciate what they have, but that doesn't always seem to happen when kids grow up in the lap of luxury. There are certain behaviors that rich kids exhibit on a regular basis that no one seems to bat an eyelash at, but most people would agree that these aren't the best ways to behave.

Only rich kids can get away with the following 20 things.

20 Throwing Parties When Their Parents Are Away

Kiwi Families

When you were a kid, would you ever throw a party when your mom and dad were on vacation or on a business trip? Probably not, since you knew that you would get into trouble.

Rich kids definitely get away with throwing get-togethers for their friends when their parents are out of town. Sometimes their parents don't even notice that anything went on. When you become a mom, you're definitely upset about this kind of thing since you believe that there should be consequences and there should be honest conversations about the right thing to do. (And when the house gets super messy or family heirlooms or objects are broken, that's even worse.)

19 Knowing They Can Rely On Private Tutors To Get Into College


In a thread about what separates rich kids from those from a more middle-class background, someone wrote that rich kids "Get private tutoring for college placement exams (SAT, ACT)."

Rich kids definitely get away with relying on private tutors to get into college. It seems like some of them might not even try that hard in school or study that much since they figure that no matter how much time and effort they put into it, a tutor can still help them out. This is too bad since it tips the balance of power in favor of those who can afford these tutors, and many moms know that they couldn't pay for this extra expense for their own teenagers.

18 Using Their Parents' Credit Cards And Having Black AmEx Cards


Buzzfeed mentions that rich teenagers have Black AmEx cards. This is something that is very normal for rich kids.

Besides having their own credit cards (and such a sophisticated and high-level one at that), rich kids also charge whatever they want to their parents' credit cards. If your teenage son or daughter charged $500 of clothing or food to your credit card, you would definitely be upset and would have a talk with them. But in wealthy families, it's the norm for rich kids to spend a lot of money, and no one really bats an eyelash all that often. It's a huge difference between how they live and how the rest of us live.

17 One Teenage Girl Complained About Cheap Perfume


Reddit can be a really interesting place to hear stories, and people posted in a thread about the rich kids that they knew growing up.

Moms will be pretty surprised to hear this one story of a teenage girl who was so rich that she didn't use cheap perfume. In fact, she totally turned her nose up at it.

As someone posted, "I shared a hotel room with this girl at a debating competition when we were like 16, and she asked to borrow some of my perfume. I said sure so she goes into the bathroom, sees my perfume (think it was some Chloe) and she freaks out and says she doesn't put anything with less than £100 on her face." Whoa. Can we imagine anyone other than a rich kid getting away with saying this?!

16 This Girl Ordered A Cab So She Didn't Have To Walk For 10 Minutes


The same rich teenage girl from the story above did something else that only wealthy kid would get away with: she literally called a cab so she wouldn't have to walk for ten minutes.

This Reddit post tells all: "Every morning we would all walk over to the venue where the debating competition was. It was maybe a 10 min walk? She ordered taxis for herself every morning. She claimed she didn't want to go outside because it would [muss] her hair."

Most moms would agree that a kid can walk for ten minutes and that calling a taxi is totally unnecessary.

15 Some Rich Kids Are Both Lazy And Spoiled


As You Are Mom writes, there is something called "rich kid syndrome" and many wealthy kids act in the same way: lazy and spoiled. This quote from the website says it all: "Those affected by this syndrome often present the behavior of a 'spoiled child' who believes he is entitled to everything and doesn’t ask, but rather demands. They tend to be lazy children who have very low tolerance for frustration."

If your child has friends who come from wealthy backgrounds, you may have seen this firsthand when you're picking your kid up from a playdate or having a playdate at your own home.

14 Some Also Let Household Help Do Everything For Them


Many people posted on Reddit and said that they noticed that when they had rich friends growing up, these children never thought that they had to do anything at home. They would never even dream of it because there was always hired household help.

These people would do anything for them from cooking to cleaning, and these kids grew up not having to lift a finger at all. Can you even imagine raising your kids to act this way?! Many moms would say that raising kids to pick up after themselves and have manners is super important, so it can be crazy to even think about this.

13 Being Part Of Cliques At School And Excluding Others


Someone also noted on Quora that rich kids are all about cliques: these kids "Tend to be fakely nice on the outside, but they’re very particular with regards to who they want to be friends with or associate with."

When you become a mom, it's heartbreaking to imagine your children being excluded by other kids at school. All you want is for them to have happy playdates and make really great friends. When school life looks a lot like Mean Girls, it's really too bad. Only rich teens get away with this, though, because they act holier than thou and like they know who's cool and who isn't. We've probably all experienced that, and it's not fun at all.

12 Feeling Entitled To All The Success In The World

Scary Mommy

When it comes to the overall attitude of a rich kid, it's this: they think that they're entitled to tons of success.

Moms want to instill in their children the value of hard work. You want your kids to know that if they want to see success at school and, later, at a job, they have to put in the time and effort. That means hours spent studying and striving. It truly bugs moms to see rich kids acting like they will get into whatever college they want and get whatever job they want simply because they come from a wealthy and privileged background.

11 Having Strange Pets Like Exotic Animals

The Spruce Pets

According to Buzzfeed, many rich kids have pets who are exotic animals. Some rich kids want to show off that they have a pet that no one else does or they are bored by the things that everyone else has.

This is definitely something else that only rich kids can get away with. If your own kid asked you for an exotic pet, you might not want that in the house to be totally honest. And you would ask them what's wrong with a sweet cat or dog. Most children beg for a dog and want nothing more than to spend hours playing catch and other games with a furry friend.

10 One Rich Kid Wanted A Car And Then Said It Wasn't Good Enough


Sometimes you hear a truly crazy story about rich kids and this is one of them. Someone shared a story on Reddit about their aunt and her children: "My aunt bought her kids a new SUV for college. They didn't like the color, so they got a different one. The different colored one was at a dealership some small hundreds of miles away, and they whined that they had to go get it....so she flew across states and drove it to them."

What?! If you're lucky enough to be given a free car from your parents, you really do have to accept it (and, hopefully, say thank you a million times and be really grateful). The truth is that many parents can't afford to buy cars for their teenagers. It's yet another example of what rich kids get away with. If you bought your kid a car and they weren't appreciative, you would be pretty upset.

9 Thinking That If You're Stressed, You Go On Vacation ASAP


Here's another tale from Reddit that will make moms more than a little bit upset: "I was talking about how I felt like I was getting burnt out and she just asked “Well why don’t you just go on vacation?”

Only rich kids can get away with thinking that you should go on vacation as soon as you experience some stress. As the rest of us know, that's not realistic at all. Many families can only afford one vacation every year and that's if they save up carefully. It's simply not the norm to be able to travel all the time. (It would be nice, though.)

8 Belonging To A Country Club

NY Daily News

This Is Insider says that of all the behaviors that rich kids think are totally regular things, belonging to a country club is one of them.

There's a funny scene in Gilmore Girls when Rory learns golf at Richard's country club. She has a fancy lunch, takes a steam (which Lorelai finds hilarious) and generally has a great time. But Lorelai can't understand how her daughter can be so comfortable being amongst wealthy people since she didn't love that growing up.

Belonging to a country club is a big deal and also a big privilege. It's not the norm at all.

7 One Rich Kid's Mom Actually Fed Him Lunch


A teacher shared a story on Offbeat.topix.com that is truly nuts: "I'm a teacher (first grade) and earlier this year a mother came at lunch for her son's birthday (to share a cake with the class). She stood by him and spoon fed him his entire lunch. I was pretty shocked."

Can we believe that someone actually did this?! This is one of those things that only rich kids could get away with. If you're thinking that kids can feed themselves, especially in first grade, you're not alone there. This is a funny, intense example but this seems to happen on a smaller scale as well since lots of rich kids grow up with their moms doing everything for them.

6 Wanting To Eat In Restaurants Every Day

New York Post

Rich kids also think that eating in restaurants on a daily basis is the norm. As a wealthy kid told This Is Insider, "It was only until later in life that I realized going out to restaurants, daily, isn't typical. I just figured that is how people normally ate. I thought home-cooked meals were the special ones."

Just like it would be awesome to be able to travel all the time, especially when your stress levels are high, it would be nice to be able to eat at restaurants every day. For most families, going out to eat is a once a week thing or even a once a month thing. It's not realistic to expect to spend that much money on restaurant food all of the time.

5 Rich Kids Are Totally Used To Having Private Planes

Nicholas Air

Chances are, if we were lucky enough to travel while growing up, we flew commercially. We didn't have private planes.

That's not the case for rich kids, who are so used to traveling via private plane they would never imagine traveling any other way. According to someone who grew up wealthy, who shared their story on Offbeat.topix.com, this was normal. They wrote, "I spent my childhood in a gated fly-in community with a fully functioning airport. When I was about 4 years old, I made a new friend at school and was invited to spend the afternoon over at his house. It was an eye-opening experience to say the very least and when I returned home, still very confused, I remember saying something along the lines of... "Mommy, they live in a really small house and they don't have an airplane hangar."

4 A Rich Kid Actually Broke His iPhone To Get A New One

Scary Mommy

There's a huge debate about whether kids need their own iPads or even iPhones. Moms know that it's impossible to raise children today because having this kind of conversation.

Someone posted on Reddit that a high school classmate literally smashed their cell phone in order to get a new one: "A kid I went to high school with smashed his iPhone on the brick wall and said "now my mom will buy me the new one!"

We most likely can't believe that someone really did this. Can you imagine how you would feel if your teenager broke their iPhone on purpose? You wouldn't get them a new one, that's for sure.

3 Thinking It's Weird If You Don't Have A Weekend Home Or Cottage


As someone who grew up wealthy shared on Offbeat.topix.com, rich kids assume that everyone has a cottage or weekend home: "I remember my parents having a sit down talk with me after a parent-teacher meeting and letting me know that there was 'one' student in our class that was feeling insecure because his family was the only one that didn't have a lake cottage or mountain home."

It's definitely tough for kids who don't have weekend homes to be around others who do. It does make you feel less than, even if you know that you have a wonderful family life. Rich kids tend to think that everyone lives the way that they do so this story rings true.

2 Rich Kids Go Away For The Whole Summer (Not Just A One-Week Trip)


When a family goes on summer vacation, it's usually for one week, or maybe two if they're lucky. After all, traveling is expensive, and it can be hard for both parents to take the time off work or coordinate schedules.

For rich kids, they go away for literally the whole summer. As one rich kid told This Is Insider, "I was in fourth grade before I realized that none of the other kids in my class went to other countries for three months during the summer. When I came back, on the first day of school, and was told to stand up in front of class and say what I did over my summer; I was called a liar. So I just stopped telling my classmates about any of my summer trips abroad every year."

1 Expecting To Be Given Any Toys Or Anything They Wish For


According to This Is Insider, something else that rich kids do is expect to be given everything that they wish for.

Moms know that there are always a lot of toys that their kids want. When you ask your children for a Christmas list, for example, they definitely have a ton of stuff that they would love to have. But you raise your kids to be appreciative for what they have and they don't expect to get everything that they ask for.

Although everyone would love to have a bit more money in their bank account, hearing about how rich kids live and behave definitely makes us thankful for what we have.

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